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You’re publishing awesome videos on your YouTube channel, and in just 30 days, you are starting to earn money! Seems impossible, right?

Building a popular YouTube channel certainly takes time, that’s for sure. But what if I told you there are secret strategies that you can use right now to quickly monetize your YouTube channel?

I am talking about setting up your channel for success, crafting videos people love to watch, and enhancing your video performanceall in a month!

If you’re dreaming of transforming your YouTube Channel into a profitable venture in a short period, then I am here to assist.

Let’s get started with the strategies used by other successful YouTubers that you can utilize to expedite your journey to monetization, even if you’re starting from zero.

Finding a Perfect Niche

First, you need to choose a niche market that is in sync with your goals. I won’t merely copy whoever recommends you to follow your passion, as amazing as passion is.


Ask yourself: Is this niche profitable? Not everything in the same niche brings the same results. Review your revenue goals per video and find out the number of views required to attain them. 

For instance, if you are trying to make $100 from a video, and your RPM is $20, you just need 5,000 views to earn it. However, if your RPM is $5, you need 20,000 views.

Consequently, consider the popularity level of the niche that you have chosen. The wider the audience, the higher the income. Next, look at the level of saturation in your niche. 

If it is overly crowded, or too saturated, try emphasizing on a specialized sub-niche that will make you stand out.

For example, sub-niches under the main category of ‘Finance’ could be Personal Finance, Stock Market, and Cryptocurrency.

Finally, assess the growth opportunities within the niche. This means your niche must be scalable featuring constantly evolving content ideas. Moreover, it would help if you also looked for monetization strategies.

Does this niche allow you to monetize your content outside of YouTube? There are various ways to monetize your channel beyond Google AdSense like brand deals, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

Though you find a perfect niche, the work is not complete here! Because you need to generate good views to get your channel monetized within 30 days.


How to make your videos go viral?

The main element of success is passion which will carry you along the path since niches you love will be more comfortable to deal with than those that you find difficult. 

However, being able only to discover the right niche will not help you to achieve that. So you need to also strategize to make your views more effective.

Effective channels simply follow the model, such as Mr. Beast’s “$1 vs. “$1 million” or Ryan Trahan’s “Testing 1-star reviews “ that get millions of views over and over. Borrow successful concepts of your niche and infuse them with your signature touch. The thumbnails are very crucial in bringing more audience to the channel, so make sure yours are striking and unique.

Click-Through Rates (CTR), and Impressions are vital for growing your channel on YouTube. In addition, audience retention is equally important!

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After your video has been uploaded, there are several elements to analyze, such as click-through rates and audience retention graphs, which will help to map out strategies for your future content. Transition people effortlessly from one video to another for them to binge-watch and thereby increase the watch time of the video.

Once you find viral videos in your niche, you can make your videos by modeling after them. You shouldn’t expect higher views like millions because you are just starting out. But what if your videos generate 5,000 or 10,000 views?

As your videos start gaining momentum, you can surpass 100,000 views if you’re already used to getting 10,000 views.

With this strategy, you can increase views quicker, and get monetized within 30 days. Remember, you are not directly copying videos from successful YouTube channels instead you will be taking ideas to create resonating videos on your channel.

Meeting 4,000 Watch Hours Requirement

We have to work on how to make people stay tuned to your videos, and it’s very essential to get 4000 hours of watch time.

Alen Sultanic, a renowned copywriter, is famous for sharing innovative and effective copywriting and marketing strategies.

One of his top secrets for engaging viewers could significantly boost your chances of going viral. It’s called assumptive questions. The key lies in empathizing with the viewer’s perspective.

Predict what questions or concerns they might have and address them immediately. This approach makes viewers feel understood and more inclined to listen to you.

The audience retention curve graph suggests that one of the points with the largest drop in views is at the beginning of the video, at the 30-second mark. Your videos might go through a similar development, and the aim is to reduce the drop-off as much as possible within that important first viewing time.

Even a modest increase of 10 to 20% in retention could transform a video from a flop to a viral hit. Therefore, your hook should immediately pique viewers’ curiosity when they click on the title and thumbnail.

There are many ways to do this: you can postpone fascinating information or ask a question and promise to explain it in the next part. One of the less-explored but extremely effective tactics is the proper implementation of the opening loops all through the video so that the viewers do not get bored. Keeping the audience hooked until the end is ensured by looping and completing one action while keeping the next open.

Likewise, the conclusion to your video is just as important as the introduction. It needs to be inconspicuous and that does not suggest that the video is coming to an end. Such a tactic helps subscribers to smoothly move from one video to another, accumulating a watch time and thus creating a binge-watching culture.

If you want to get 4,000 watch hours quicker, you can promote your YouTube channel: 10 Free Websites To Promote Your YouTube Channel

Analyze your Video Performance

Moreover, it is imperative to monitor your video performance after uploading. If the click-through rate does not meet your expectations, find out the reason and adjust the approach for future thumbnails. 

Likewise, pay close attention to the audience retention graph and better after a few days so that you can collect enough data. Find the points that viewers stop watching, or exiting your video, if it’s in the first 30 seconds, you need to assess your video and learn from the mistake.

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In Conclusion

Creating a YouTube channel and becoming a moneymaker in a matter of 30 days is not a far-fetched dream. But guess what? It’s a challenge but you can do anything as long as you have the technique.

Choosing the right niche for your video is just like selecting the perfect recipe for success. Hopefully, you find something interesting, not very competitive, and gives you some room for growth.

Once you have a niche, it’s all about creating videos that audiences cannot resist watching. Get inspired by the current market trends, and design your thumbnails in a way that grabs the attention and keeps viewers engaged from the start to the end.

Generating enough watch time would seem to be a real challenge, but there are ways to make audiences stick to your videos. Ask the audience, keep things alive, and make your videos flow from one video to the other smoothly.

Also, remember to check how your videos are performingAdjust your strategy following what is effective and what is not.

Thereby, if one is ready to spend effort and follow the instructions, then within a month you could be making money on YouTube. It is all about finding your calling, making amazing content, and of course keeping viewers coming back for more.