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Do you face difficulties in getting your YouTube channel to generate more attention? You’re not alone. Building an audience is not easy. However, it does not have to be expensive.

Forget expensive advertising – a world of free websites is waiting to help you increase your view count!

Imagine your amazing content reaching the perfect audience, sparking conversations, and building a loyal subscriber base. That’s the power of effective promotion.

In this blog, we will explore 10 FREE websites that can supercharge your YouTube Channel, and unlock a wave of new viewers. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Website 1: Skool.com

Skool.com is not just one more random video-sharing website. It is a handy instrument to attract the public to your channel through their loyalty to your content.

Skool allows you to discover communities with people interested in various niches. Once you find the right community, you can strategically share your YouTube videos, enhancing engagement and introducing your channel to a targeted audience.

However, there are some guidelines to get started sharing videos in Skool. Simply dropping your video link everywhere on the website doesn’t work because Skool thrives on genuine interaction.

First of all, focus on providing genuine value to the community by participating in discussions, and offering in-depth insights related to the topic. Once you do that, you will increase authenticity which in turn will open the way to share your YouTube videos and entice viewers to check out your channel for more.

Website 2: vidiQ.com

Imagine having a personal YouTube guru whispering optimization secrets in your ear. That’s essentially what vidIQ.com offers!

vidiQ is your go-to website if you want to grow your audience faster on YouTube, and beyond. This website offers a suite of powerful tools that let you become a YouTube growth master.

If you are struggling to find the right keywords to optimize your videos, vidiQ offers in-depth keyword research tools that help to identify high-performing keywords relevant to your niche. By integrating keywords into your titles, descriptions, and tags, you can increase the chances of your videos appearing in search results.

Not only keyword research, vidiQ analyzes your videos, and provides actionable insights to reach a wider audience. The tool allows you to compare your videos to top performers in your niche, identify areas for the environment, and make data-driven decisions. This in turn will optimize your content for maximum engagement and reach.

Moreover, you can increase the chances of your video growth through competitors’ tracking which includes analyzing top-performing videos, understanding keyword usage, and gaining valuable insights.

Website 3: Gab.com

Gab.com is a social networking platform that is especially known for its focus on free speech. It could be a valuable tool to connect with a specific audience for your YouTube channel.

You can find various groups with people interacting on different topics. Search for groups that align with your YouTube content’s niche.

Once you find relevant groups, participate actively in discussions, and build your reputation within the community. When appropriate, you can share your YouTube videos that offer further insights, or perspectives on the topics being discussed.

Remember to respect the community guidelines, and ensure you understand, and adhere to them before sharing your YouTube content. It is highly recommended to avoid any form of spamming or self-promotion that disrupts the flow of conversation.

By strategically using Gab.com, you can connect with a targeted audience interested in your niche and potentially drive viewers to your YouTube channel.

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Website 4: Threads.net

Threads is a social media app which is derived from Instagram allowing users to post and share text, images, and videos as well as interact with other users. It operates like Twitter.

If your target audience is active on Instagram and uses the Threads app to connect with close friends, there’s a chance you can leverage it to directly share your YouTube videos.

Threads emphasize quick updates, and content like photos, and short videos. Regarding YouTube promotion, you can use the app to share a captivating snippet from your YouTube video.

In addition, you can share information related to your niche on Threads posts, and share links to your YouTube video.

Website 5: Medium.com

Medium.com is a content powerhouse that allows you to easily post blogs, and get a good amount of organic traffic quickly. Just log in to the website using your Google account, and start publishing blogs related to your niche.

While publishing your blogs on Medium, you can embed your YouTube video, or share links. This allows interested readers to seamlessly discover your video content and dive deeper into the subject matter.

Medium is a well-established website with strong search engine optimization (SEO).

By creating high-quality content with relevant keywords, your Medium posts have the potential to rank high in search results. This can attract viewers who might not have found your YouTube channel otherwise.

Website 6: Steemit.com

Steemit.com offers a unique twist on promoting your YouTube channel. It’s a social media platform built on blockchain technology, allowing you to potentially earn cryptocurrency while you share your content.

Here’s a breakdown of Steemit and how it might be relevant to your YouTube strategy:

What is Steemit?

  • Imagine a social media platform where you can post articles, similar to Medium, but with a twist: users can earn cryptocurrency (STEEM) for creating high-quality content that gets upvoted by the community.

Potential Benefits of YouTube Promotion

  • Content Sharing with YouTube Links: Similar to Medium, you can create informative articles related to your YouTube videos on Steemit. Embed links to your videos within your Steemit posts, allowing interested readers to discover your YouTube channel.
  • Community Engagement & Earning Potential: By creating valuable content and engaging with the Steemit community, you can potentially earn STEEM cryptocurrency. This can be an additional incentive for creating informative content that promotes your YouTube channel.

Website 7: YouTube.com

You might be thinking, “YouTube? Isn’t that where I upload my videos?” Absolutely! But YouTube offers a goldmine of potential beyond simply publishing your content.


Here is how you can benefit from the platform itself to promote your channel and gain more views with audiences.

  • Using Comment Section: Actively engage with your viewers by replying to comments thoughtfully, answering queries, and participating in discussions. By doing so, your viewers will get motivated to subscribe to your channel and return for more.
  • Leverage the strategy of commenting on other videos: Leaving thoughtful comments on relevant videos by other YouTubers is a smart way to connect with a wider audience. Avoid spamming your channel instead offer valuable insights, and ask questions related to the video.
  • Collaborations: Consider partnering with YouTubers in your niche for collaborations. This can expose your channel to a whole new audience and boost viewership for both parties.

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Website 8: Vocal.media

Vocal.media is another website that could be your companion for promoting your YouTube channel. This US-based platform allows content creators to publish stories on niche-based communities, and also earn money from them.

Based on your YouTube niche, you can create content, and share it with the relevant groups or communities in Vocal.media. As you consistently publish informative blog posts, you’ll attract an audience interested in your niche. This audience becomes a potential pool of viewers for your YouTube channel.

I advise you to share your in-depth knowledge, explore concepts further, and offer valuable written content alongside your videos.

Don’t just write amazing content – make it work for you! Subtly weave in links to your relevant YouTube videos within your blog posts. This allows interested readers to seamlessly discover your video content and dive deeper into the subject matter.

Website 9: Twitter

Twitter (now renamed ‘X’) is a popular social media platform that allows users to share their thoughts in the form of text, photos, videos, or links. You can leverage the power of Twitter to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

For instance, you can create appealing Twitter threads related to your YouTube video topics. Offer valuable insights, and thought-provoking questions to let your viewers keep engaging with your thread.

Don’t reveal all the details in the text! Toward the very end, add a link to your full-length YouTube video where viewers can look at the broader view of the topic at hand.

Add related and trending hashtags in your Twitter threads to help generate more visibility. This makes it more likely that your post will be seen by people who use those hashtags when they search for it, so they can be redirected to your YouTube video.

Website 10: Mewe.com

Mewe sees itself as a privacy-oriented social media network with a significant number of group-centered features. This audience-oriented approach can be used for your YouTube channel promotion in a targeted way.

Mewe features a vast network of groups dedicated to various interests. You can use the search function to discover groups that align perfectly with your YouTube content’s niche.

Don’t just spam the platform by dropping video links in every group! Instead, participate in discussions, offer valuable insights, and establish your authenticity in the community.

As soon as you are known in the relevant groups, then you can go ahead and share your YouTube videos. Focus on conversations or subjects where your video can provide a broader view or additional details.

Final Takeaway

These 10 awesome FREE websites are here to help your YouTube channel take off. They’re like secret weapons to get more viewers and grow your channel.

Remember, making great videos is key. But these websites will help you spread the word for free. Share your videos, join conversations, and connect with people who love the same stuff you do.

So pick a website or two to try first. See which ones work best for you and your channel. The more you use them, the faster you’ll see your channel grow. Good luck and keep creating awesome videos!