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A young smart guy named ‘Noah Morris‘ earned more than $500,000 by running faceless YouTube channels. In 2022 alone, he made close to 7-figures by posting videos on YouTube.

In a video interview with vidiQ, he said he earned $500,000 in Q4 from AdSense revenue. Isn’t that amazing?

The question here is ‘How Noah surpassed $200,000 in revenue per month from YouTube by working just 1 day a week?’. And the answer to this question is running ‘Faceless YouTube Channels‘.

With YouTube automation, anyone can earn enormous money!

Now, let’s understand how Noah began his YouTube journey to earn millions of dollars so that, you can get inspired to achieve the same milestone.

Noah, a smart guy, started his career on YouTube as a Minecraft Creator, and he was earning no more than $100 per month with AdSense revenue. But now, he runs more than 20 faceless YouTube channels!

While explaining his strategies in an interview with a vidiQ representative, Noah presented his tips, techniques, and smart strategies to thrive in the YouTube Automation journey.

Niche is always important!

First things first, a perfect niche is always a key factor for achieving success in the YouTube journey. Noah found a niche related to Court Cases, and created a YouTube channel with the name ‘Court Cases’.

The second video he published on the channel got 5 million whooping views. This single video generated 456.9K watch time, and 10.5K subscribers, and earned him $20,497.97 in AdSense Revenue. He said that the cost for the video production was $250.

While asking him what niches are the best paying, and perfect for faceless channels, Noah offered some ideas.

Niches related to Sports, Celebrity Content, and Crime Related Content are the popular faceless topics on YouTube, he said. Besides, he also claimed that everything American people watch could be the best niche. This is because videos watched by American viewers have higher RPMs.

RPM stands for Revenue Per Mille, and it is a metric that represents how much money you can earn per 1,000 video views. It varies according to various factors including niche, video views, audience, and so on. For instance, if RPM is $15 for your niche, you will be making close to $15 for every 1,000 views.


Noah also shared his secret strategy to find amazing niches for YouTube faceless channels which is explained below.

Turn on YouTube in incognito mode, and visit the homepage every day by frequently refreshing it.

While refreshing the homepage, you will find lots of channels getting enormous views. Here, you need to search for cash cow channel ideas meaning those channels that have higher RPMs. For instance, channels related to Finance, Making Money, Crypto, Investing, and so on earn more than kids’ videos.

Another way is to use a keyword search method! For example, you can search for random keywords on the YouTube search box to find content ideas.

Once you search for a keyword on YouTube, turn on the filter to choose the ‘Upload Date’ to ‘This Month’, and another filter for ‘Most Views’. As you activate the filter and also use vidiQ, you will find various channels that have less subscriber count but a good amount of views. Such channels may have started recently!

And if you find multiple channels like that for instance, they receive more than 200k views consistently, that is where you find a gap in the market.

Now that, we found a bunch of successful channels that recently started, what is the next step?

First of all, Noah reminds us to choose a niche that is not too saturated. He also gives two options to get started: either produce high-quality content to get into every niche or just make sure you have that first mover’s advantage by publishing less-quality videos becoming the first to publish in your niche.

After finalizing the niche, it is time to produce content. But before that, we need to come up with content ideas. The first thing to do is to try to emulate what the existing channels are executing.

Noah shares an example of how he researched content for his channel ‘Court Cases’!

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He looked at a channel called ‘Courtroom’ and emulated what this channel was doing. While going through this channel, he used the strategy to find other older related channels. He found many channels covering the topic related to court cases.

During his research, he started searching for videos that performed well in the past and found topics that hadn’t been covered by his competitors. With that strategy, he started taking those untapped topics and started publishing them on his channels.

Now, it’s time to find out the tips shared by Noah to create a faceless YouTube channel.

Firstly, he advises starting a YouTube channel, and then eventually turning it into a YouTube automation channel. As per his recommendation, as a newcomer to this field, start as a regular creator because you get experience firsthand.


Want to start a successful faceless YouTube Channel? Here is our detailed guide: How to start a Faceless YouTube channel?

Regarding hiring a team to produce videos, Noah says you can get disconnected at the beginning, or you may require upfront costs. So, leverage AI to create scripts, and voiceovers for your videos. Then, edit videos yourself to make them interesting, and engaging. Once you start earning profit from YouTube, you can then start outsourcing.

That’s why anyone can start YouTube with zero budget!

After being able to generate revenue, Noah shares his ideas to build an effective production team. He suggests finding a team that carries the passion for you.

What he says is ‘Essentially, you don’t only outsource the work, you also outsource the passion.’

Based on your niche market, and topic, you will get an idea of who to hire on your team. For scriptwriters, Noah focuses on finding one who is passionate about the subject.

Hire a script writer
who knows nothing about YouTube retention, but is very passionate on the subject rather than a script writer who knows everything about retention, but knows nothing about the niche.

You need a scriptwriter who can match the content to the target audience before you focus on retention. This is because you can teach retention to someone but not passion.

For instance, if you want a scriptwriter for your Sports change, you can visit a Discord channel to connect with people who are passionate, or willing to work on this topic.

Regarding voiceover, Noha says the voiceover actor doesn’t really matter. Just try to find someone whose voice matches your niche or appeals to your target audience. For instance, you can find a deep male voice for crime-related content while for gossip content, a high-pitched girl voice could be perfect.

While looking for video editors, focus on hiring people who have good knowledge of retention-based editing, and can convey stories interestingly.

Now, let’s learn how to design Thumbnails to attract viewers.

At first, Noah preferred to design thumbnails himself because he thought a lot of thumbnail designers could be great but they may lack expertise in understanding click-through rates – CTRs (what makes an audience click).

He shares an example of his channel ‘Court Cases’ which features simple thumbnails but produces good CTRs. So, experiment with what type of thumbnails work for you. Once your channel starts getting good audience clicks, you can outsource the thumbnail creation process by teaching the designer.

Noah shares the audience retention technique!

He sends all competitor channels to his scriptwriter and instructs the writer to have a look at what people are mentioning in the comments. Moreover, he also asks the writer to look at the relative YouTube retention.

While you hover at the YouTube play bar, you can see transparent up, and down scales which represent relative retention. With this graph, you can find out at what points of the video are audiences interested in mostly.

Likewise, analyzing comments can be a goldmine for finding what people are interested in. So, retention rate is primarily achieved from understanding your audience.

Retention is not about secret editing hacks! It is all about understanding what motivates your audience to take action, or to comment, engage, and explore more videos. Studying the target audience is the biggest retention hack.

How much can we make from Faceless YouTube channels?

Making money with a faceless YouTube channel depends on your niche and target audience. Noah is making more than $200,000 per month from AdSense revenue.

For instance, if your niche is related to finance, your RPM could surpass $20. If your video generates 100,000 views, you will be making roughly $2,000 from ad revenue. Moreover, your earnings can cross $5,000 from this single video if you leverage an affiliate marketing strategy.

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Final Takeaway

This is it! We explored how a young YouTuber Noah Morizz made over $500,000 from faceless YouTube Channels in 90 days.

I explained all the tips, and techniques offered by him during his interview with vidiQ representative.

By learning from this case study, you can also make up your mind to start a faceless channel and make money online. Always remember to work smart, and consistently to achieve success on the YouTube journey.

Apply the secret tips offered by Noah, and experiment with yourself to grow and earn money with YouTube.