Email marketing is one of the best strategies to grow in the digital marketing world! Whether you are an expert email marketer or just a beginner, you know the value and reliability of email marketing.

Professional email marketers experiment and use intelligent techniques and types of email marketing to build relationships and grow revenue through email marketing campaigns.

So, what types of email marketing should you choose to get a higher conversion? Should you go with newsletters, dedicated emails, promotional emails, lead nurturing emails, and so on?

These genuine questions come to your mind if you are planning for email marketing campaigns. In this article, we will find out different types of email marketing with their meaning and importance. This information will allow you to leverage your email marketing capabilities and grow revenue.

What are the types of Email Marketing?

There are numerous types of email marketing however, we will discuss the top 9 popular and effective types.

Welcome Email

Welcome Email is the best strategy for thanking and providing information to audiences who have signed up for your product trail, services, newsletter, promotions, or other offers. You get a chance to offer a personal touch and introduce your brand with the welcome email.

Welcome Email is like creating a good first impression to increase familiarity with a new subscriber. Your brand awareness and value begin with a beautifully designed welcome email.

Welcome Email (Types of Email Marketing)

So, your welcome email should not contain an introduction of a new product or service instead it must create a lasting impression with your subscribers. You can educate your subscribers on your brand promise, about how things work, what to expect, and how to get started.

Newsletter or Digital Magazine

An email newsletter can be referred to as a digital magazine because it allows you to engage with your subscribers by sending frequent updates related to your products and services. Most businesses today opt for email newsletter campaigns to educate and aware their customers.

Newsletter, Digital Magazine(Types of Email Marketing)

The newsletter also allows you to nurture your existing customers with news, events, promotions, product announcements, reviews, feedback requests, queries, and much more. Your customers will be happy and satisfied if you provide relevant and valuable information via email newsletter.

Email newsletters can be used to diversify content types including blog posts, discount promotions, surveys, product/event announcements, and even videos. Moreover, the regular newsletter campaign increases your brand awareness and recognition if readers indulge in the content.

Announcement Email

Announcement Email is among the vital types of email marketing that can be effectively used to increase traffic, sales, and revenue. This type of email is used to describe and promote marketing offers like an ebook, free product trials, webinars, coupons, new product launches, and much more.

Announcement Email (Types of Email Marketing)

The announcement email contains an offer with a call-to-action button that allows subscribers to click and reach your service website or landing page. With that, subscribers can know about the products and can purchase through the landing page.

The best chance for conversion with the announcement email comes when you design an email for a specific offer with a valuable and reliable description otherwise, subscribers may misunderstand it as spam content or an offer. Also, make sure the call-to-action (CTA) link is clear, usable, and understandable.

Product Update Email

People mostly don’t prefer to receive emails related to product sales and updates so, product update emails are tricky. Besides, this type of email marketing may not be interesting or engaging so, it is better to design such emails with simplicity and a straightforward approach.

Product Email (Types of Email Marketing)

The majority of companies dispatch product update emails frequently (weekly or monthly) to inform their customers about the latest features, updates, and functionalities. Make sure you are not filling your subscribers’ email inboxes with irrelevant content instead provide valuable information, descriptions, infographics, and training related to the use of a new product.

You can customize your product update email with a clear headline, brief description, appealing graphics showcasing the product, service, or feature, and links to the product page.

Re-Engagement Email

Re-engagement mail is all about re-engaging inactive subscribers to re-establish relations and goodwill. With the use of email marketing tools and software, you can find the list of subscribers who have not opened or interacted with your emails. So, you can use re-engagement emails to revive inactive users.

While sending a re-engagement email, don’t forget to ask for feedback and suggestions because it increases the chances of bringing inactive subscribers back to your business. If you receive feedback and suggestions from such users, you will get an opportunity to improve your business and marketing strategies.

Re-engagement Email (Types of Email Marketing)

Re-engagement email lets you know if subscribers don’t respond to your re-engagement email for a long period. With that, you get an opportunity to clean your email list. But why cleaning an email list is important?

If your email list contains many inactive users, it may hamper the quality of your email marketing campaign with a lower open rate and deliverability rate.

Confirmation Email

Confirmation Email means maintaining trust and reliability with your subscribers. How frustrating is it to buy a product or register for a program and not receive a confirmation email? What if you don’t receive a confirmation mail after executing an online transaction?

Everyone wants to get confirmed about the action they take online so, emails related to the confirmation are mandatory to gain trust and good relations with the customers.

Confirmation Email (Types of Email Marketing)

Confirmation emails are simpler as it does not contain more information about the product, service, or anything promoted. Such emails should be just confirmation emails and nothing more than that.

Your subscribers can save the confirmation information, and feel secure to move on with your product or services.

Cross-promotional email

Cross-promotional emails can be beneficial to those companies working together for mutually beneficial tasks, events, or any other form of promotion. One company can leverage the customers of another company to increase reach and revenue.

For instance, if two companies are preparing for a joint event on a particular topic, the email lists of both companies get promotional information in the mail addresses. This strategy promotes the brand awareness and reach of both companies.

Always make sure you are delivering a clear message to your subscribers about the partnership with another company for events or any promotions. Also, use logos of both the partnering companies in the mail and create appealing graphics.

Dedicated Emails

Dedicated emails mean sending emails to a dedicated or targeted group of people. For example, if you are hosting an event, you must send a dedicated email to only those who have registered for your event to alert them.

Dedicated Email (Types of Email Marketing)

Your target audience can be notified about promotions, offer events, or anything you are intending for with the dedicated email.

In some cases, you need to send an email to the selected group of subscribers only for which you need to segment your subscribers. So, a dedicated email is important because it reaches the correct audience and increases your chance of a conversion.

Sponsorship Emails

Sponsorship Email campaigns run with a paid strategy that includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, mobile advertising, display advertising, and much more.

If you wish to reach a different audience you haven’t earned as subscribers, you need to try sponsorship emails. For that, you need to design an email and promote it with an advertising platform that is a reliable partner and understands your marketing needs.

Sponsorship Email (Types of Email Marketing)

With sponsorship email, you can run targeted ads and reach more customers in your niche. You also get an opportunity to know about the exact Return on Investment (ROI) with statistics and metrics from the sponsorship emails.


There are various other types of email marketing out there but make sure you make effective use of the types discussed above. Your emails should not only be graphically appealing, but they must also provide real value and knowledge to your subscribers.