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Can’t afford expensive cameras, or video-production equipment? Do you find yourself uncomfortable being on camera? If so, you will be highly delighted with the faceless YouTube channel ideas that can generate more than $10,000 per month.

Faceless YouTube channels are gaining huge popularity. Creators make more than $100,000 monthly just from display ads on their faceless channels. All it takes to achieve this is the perfect niche, consistent video production, and smart strategies.

In this blog, we’ll explore 8 captivating faceless YouTube channel ideas that can transform your content creation skill into a money-making machine. So, let’s get started.

Artificial Intelligence News

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving in a way that we don’t have enough time to even think about it. AI has started to impact our daily lives, from the way we work to how we fight disease.

The discussion of AI, its updates, and trends are published daily on various platforms including news, websites, and social media platforms. This is where an opportunity evolves for a faceless YouTube channel.

Covering AI-related news, and updates can be one of the great faceless YouTube channel ideas with the potential to achieve quicker success. You can explain complex AI concepts, discuss the mind-blowing potential of AI, and publish daily updates of AI technology on your channel.

If you create videos focusing on the latest trends and developments in the AI industry, you can gain views quickly, and succeed your YouTube channel. Remember, you need to create visually appealing videos with interesting information to increase views and grab the audience’s attention.

Example of a successful AI News YouTube Channel

A channel named ‘Digital Engine‘ has gained 473,000 subscribers just with a total of 17 videos. This faceless channel has generated more than 71,094,052 views.

If we calculate these views with a CPM (Cost Per Mille) of $10, Digital Engine has already made over $700,000 in ad revenue from YouTube.

Make Money Online

The ‘Make Money Onlineniche on YouTube is one of the lucrative ways to gain good views and earn more as it offers higher RPM. You can share strategies, tips, and insights on various methods, and opportunities available for earning money on the internet.

You can create videos covering a wide range of topics including freelancing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, work-from-home jobs, blogging, online entrepreneurship, online courses, digital product creation, and much more.

You can also share personal experiences, success stories, case studies, and tutorials to enhance the quality of your content and attract more viewers.

By involving engaging visuals like screen recordings of online platforms and process diagrams, you can make clear and educational topics with the help of a well-documented voiceover. With such training, viewers will become their bosses of online entrepreneurship. 

Moreover, you can leverage your platform by selling your online courses or information package available only to your channel subscribers, on a variety of topics related to making money online. With this channel, you can provide the much-needed help and tangible products that people can use in their endeavor to financial freedom.

Example of a Successful Make Money Faceless YouTube channel

CashPro is a perfect example of a faceless YouTube channel that publishes videos related to making money online. Till now, the channel has gained 174,000 subscribers with 97 videos.

Regarding engagement, the channel has collected 8,683,352+ views. This is a high CPM niche so we can expect a minimum of $30 per 1000 views. With this calculation, the channel has already earned $200,000+ in ad revenue.


Travel Guides

Creating faceless videos related to travel guides can be another interesting YouTube channel idea. As a travel guide content creator, you can publish videos related to ‘Things to Do’, ‘Travel Guidelines’, and various other handy travel tips.

You can utilize stock footage, and images to enhance the quality of your travel content. Also, you can leverage the use of AI technology to write scripts, edit videos, and create voiceovers.

Once you start gaining views, you can earn money from YouTube Ad Revenue, affiliate marketing, and brand sponsorships. Travel is a high CPM niche so, you can make more money with higher views.

Example of a successful faceless Travel Guides Channel

Before You Go is one of the growing faceless YouTube channels that has gained 42,800 subscribers by publishing 812 videos on the platform.

Till now, the channel has surpassed 11,020,726+ total views. Assuming the average CPM of $12 for the travel niche, this channel has already earned $150,000 from YouTube Ad Revenue.

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Health Tips

The health niche is evergreen! People are in search of natural remedies, healthy habits, and fitness routines. This is where your Health Tips channel swoops in to become a trusted source for viewers seeking practical and informative content.

You must be wondering how can I create videos related to health without being a medical professional. By the way, the video you will be posting on your faceless YouTube channel can cover various topics that don’t require medical expertise.

You can focus on the following topics:

  • Natural remedies: Explore the power of herbs, supplements, and dietary changes to promote overall well-being.
  • Healthy habits: Unpack simple, sustainable habits that can significantly improve sleep, energy levels, and stress management.
  • Fitness routines (avoiding medical advice): Showcase easy-to-follow exercise routines suitable for different fitness levels.

With captivating visuals like explainer animations and calming nature scenes, paired with your clear and informative voiceover, you’ll empower viewers to take control of their health journey.

Example of a successful Faceless YouTube Channel related to Health Tips

Bestie Health is one of the examples of a faceless YouTube channel that has gained huge popularity and earnings. The channel currently stands at 4.65 Million subscribers with 3,200 published videos.

The views on this channel are massive with a total of 617,233,910 at the time of writing this blog. If we just assume the CPM of $10, this channel has already made more than $6 Million in ad revenue.

Luxury Lifestyle

A Luxury Lifestyle can be an interesting niche if you have a passion for the finer things and an eye for the discerning taste. Your faceless videos can cover various topics on luxury lifestyle including luxury clothing, luxury vehicles, exclusive events, Michelin-starred restaurants, and so on.

The luxury niche on YouTube revolves around creating content that showcases high-end products, experiences, and lifestyles. This niche caters to an audience interested in aspirational content, such as luxury fashion, travel, fine dining, exotic cars, and opulent living.

You can publish various videos covering luxury product reviews, travel tips, luxury home tours, fashion hauls, and more. Use stock footage, images, and AI tools to make your video appealing, and interesting.

Example of a successful channel covering Luxury Lifestyle Niche

Alux.com is a faceless YouTube Channel that has earned 4.47 Million Subscribers with a total of 2,500+ videos published.

At the time of writing this blog, this channel has collected 585,273,114 views in total. If we assume the CPM of $15 for this niche, the channel has already earned more than $8 million in YouTube Ad Revenue.

Describing AI Tools

This YouTube channel idea is all about educating viewers about various AI tools, technologies, and applications. You can create appealing video content focusing on explaining how AI tools work, their practical uses in different fields, and showcasing AI tools/software.

Creators working here normally make videos teaching people about AI instruments and tools. It is often lessons, playing, and tests with reviewing and discussing the AI. 

They will be teaching how to use AI tools and theories in the process by simplifying them using easy-to-remember methods, sharing step-by-step guides on implementing them and emphasizing the benefits of AI technology and how it has affected our daily lives.

The reason for the niche of this field lands on providing users with possibilities to cope with daily assignments, resolve complex issues, and demonstrate creativity at work and in their personal lives through the assistance of AI

The audience is looking for content to learn new things about AI, discover tools that haven’t been used before, and find a way how to incorporate these tools into their projects or procedures at work.

Example of a faceless channel offering AI Tools description

In this example, I have not presented the super-successful channel however, this channel shows what you can do with the approach. The channel ‘Mission To The Loot‘ has generated 29.4K subscribers from just 1 video which has gained more than 970,000 views.

The only video on this channel is about using AI Tools to create videos for a faceless YouTube channel.


The part of YouTube dedicated to meditation covers producing videos that revolve around meditation side-by-side guides, mindfulness activity rolls-out, and a relaxation procedure

This segment of creators is devoted to the sharing of a variety of techniques that help viewers achieve physical and mental evenness, inner peace, and, emotional balance. This is commonly achieved through guided meditation sessions.

The creators of this category, in general, make video series that range from the shorter meditating sessions to the longer, guided ones usually based on specific intentions or topics in most cases

They might be accompanied by scenes of fields, mountains, lakes, or even the sky with calm and mellow melodies. They tried to create an atmosphere suitable for meditation.

Niche appeal is achieved by reflecting the interest of people in mental health and self-love practices and lowering the stress level of consumers. The fact that online viewers come to YouTube for meditation videos to relieve anxiety, improve focus as well and cultivate mental peace in their everyday lives.

Example of a successful faceless Meditation Channel

A faceless YouTube channel named ‘Great Meditation‘ is earning more than $10,000 monthly by publishing meditation videos. The channel currently stands at 1.09 Million subscribers with a total of 743 videos.

Great Meditation has managed to acquire 114,335,450 views, and it is growing daily. The channel has already earned more than $900,000 from YouTube Ad Revenue.

Philosophies for Life

The “Philosophies for Life” niche YouTube channel symbolizes the wide range of understanding of philosophy, centered on the study of ideas, teachings, and outlooks that are meant to help individuals cope with the nature of life and find room for meaningful existence. 

In this sub-category, content creators go further than discussing trending topics like ethics, morality, existentialism, self-improvement, and spirituality.

Creators in this niche choose the style of their videos in which they share knowledge, video reflections, and practical advice with a grounding in philosophical principles. 

They could involve long discussions of famous philosophy texts, give their perspective of philosophical ideas, and even involve debates with the audience utilizing philosophical ideas.

The main advantage of this subculture consists in the fact that it gives viewers thinking food, and eye-opening ideas and leads them to a new understanding of the world and themselves. 

Audiences require philosophical content on YouTube to acquire a new perspective, take a break from life’s greatest issues, and also exist in a different way of life that is much more fulfilling.

Example of a successful faceless YouTube channel related to Philosophy

Philosophies for Life is the perfect example of a faceless YouTube channel that has achieved greater success. The channel currently stands at 1.23 Million subscribers with 122 videos.

This Philosophy channel has already gained 68,637,148 views and is earning more than $10,000 per month from YouTube Ad Revenue.

Final Takeaway

The YouTube space without anyone’s faces offers great possibilities for those who have ideas and strategies. This blog has unveiled 8 captivating ideas for faceless YouTube channels, but don’t forget, this is just the beginning!

It is the key to getting through that knowing how to target your niche and how to keep your audience captivated. Do extensive research and concentrate on producing high-quality content that will entice viewers to interact with you.

Hence, if you want to start a Channel on YouTube but don’t like to show your face, let this guide be your motivation to get off the pot. 

Granted determination, imagination, and persistence in all your activities, you can build a profitable YouTube channel, interact with your audience, and make it possible to earn $10,000 per month, while maintaining your private life.