Have you ever thought about having greater influence over your finances as you do something you love? Honestly, struggling with both jobs and bills can make you feel like you are on your last legs. Now, what if I told you there was a way to unleash an additional stream of income – one that fits your hectic lifestyle like a glove?

That’s right, ladies! Forget the 9-to-5 grind. We’re here today to give you 7 of the BEST side hustles that you will enjoy, especially if you’re a woman seeking to make money online now!

From a fashion addict who knows the latest trends to a TikTok wizard, there’s the right side hustle for you to pick. Consequently, don’t be afraid of starting something new, and let’s discover these effective approaches to make your passions your income.

Want to be a lady boss and create decent living conditions? Let’s do this!

Reselling products through Apps

Do you have any experience in cleaning and discovering a lot of clothes you completely forgot about that you do not wear anymore? Or you can always identify trending discounts from the internet? Here, putting your used clothes for sale can be as easy as transforming the outdated pieces into money through reselling apps.

These convenient platforms help you to sell garments and accessories, electronics as well as various home decor items, all from a comfortable place right at your home. Here’s the best part: we can do it within a few steps and be on our way.

Look at companies such as Mercari and Poshmark. You can have a store on these platforms and start selling.


Here’s how it works:

  • Snap some stellar pics: Provide amazing photos of your products that will be able to highlight their condition and distinct features.
  • Write a captivating description: Use special features of your item to attract customers and provide essential information in detail to sales candidates.
  • Set a competitive price: Use the app to check for similar items to determine their pricing to locate a fair pricing point.
  • Promote your listings: Post your items on social media or share them within the app community side section to get more views.

But wait, there’s more! From Mercari to Poshmark but also visit Facebook Marketplace. Not only is it a fantastic platform for posting but also your forsaken items. Just be careful and don’t fall for scams – they can happen here so meet in a public place and stick to the safety measures recommended for these kinds of transactions.

Becoming a Content Queen with UGC

Have you ever looked through Instagram and asked yourself how those perfect makeup tutorials and skincare reviews were done? Well, guess what? You can even become the one writing that content and get paid for doing that. Here is where UGC – User-Generated Content – comes to the rescue.

Forget the burden of having to create a big follower base. Brands today are searching for everyday people like YOU for their genuine content showcasing their products. This means you don’t need a million followers to get started, just a passion for creativity and a knack for capturing attention.


The best part? UGC influencers get range from $150 to $500 per video! Picture picking up a check for just doing what you’d usually do for fun – doesn’t that sound nice?

Makeup and skincare account for a considerable share of the beauty niche in UGC production, in particular. Consequently, if you are a make-up lover or a skin-care specialist, this can be your ideal extra job.

Thus, what is the prerequisite to becoming a UGC creator? 

Light it Up: Proper lighting is the key factor for accurately displaying products. Use some natural light or studio lighting if possible.
Keep it Clean: Use clean backgrounds as a background will not distract from the products you are displaying.
Editing Magic: Get familiar with the basic edits to lend the content a more polished and professional feel.

Become a Boss Babe with Dropshipping

Have you ever imagined yourself owning your online store and then wondered about the complicated inventory and shipping management that was supposed to come with it? That’s where the deadly dropshipping’s approach touches down.

Dropshipping enables you to sell products online without a need for you to ever to physically have the products in your possession. 

Here’s the magic: Moreover, you use a partner supplier that handles the inventory and shipments from your website as soon as you make a sale. Mainly you play the role of the bridge between the buyers of something great and those who manufacture them at a profit on each sale.

The biggest perk? Low upfront costs! Different from the retailing before, you need not spend a huge amount of money on the inventory. In contrast with this, dropshipping allows starters to test the possibilities of e-commerce without capitation.

But wait, there’s more! Dropshipping offers incredible flexibility. Online stores allow you to manage your store from anywhere with an internet connection and therefore empower the boss of you and setting of your schedule.

Example: All you have to do is find this latest phone case on the dropshipping website. You post a listing for it on your online store featuring a reasonable asking price and start social media promotions. 

If a customer buys the cover from your store, you then request an order from a dropshipping supplier. They take care of packaging and shipping the product to your customer. In addition, you keep the profit!

Starting a Fashion Account

Hey there fashionistas and tastemakers! Are you passionate about fashion, and do you like expressing your individuality through your outfits? Next, take your passion and convert it into income on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels!

The emergence of short-form video content is a huge advantage to fashion lovers nowadays. To build a dedicated following and unlock multiple income streams, create engaging clips or TikToks displaying your outfits, fashion tips, and trend analysis.

Envision being paid for the work you enjoy! 

Brand Deals: As you increase your audience, brands will hear about you and start to reach out to you for collaborations. This may manifest in the form of promoting the lines of their clothing in your videos or by creating paid content.

Affiliate Marketing Commissions: Collaborate with fashion retailers and feature their products on your channel. Earn a commission on every sale created through your affiliate links.

Selling Clothes Directly Through Videos: Platforms such as TikTok now enable creators to embed clickable links in their videos. Now, you can sell your pre-owned clothing and even design and start your fashion line!

Need some inspiration? Countless fashion accounts have started with zero followers but have since then grown into popular businesses. With persistence, originality, and a calculated approach, you as well can turn your love for fashion into a promising endeavor.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Bring out your best dress, take your phone, and start content creation right away! Application of some work and an appropriate look will make you a trendsetter while your bank account and wardrobe will grow simultaneously.

Becoming Amazon Affiliate

As an Amazon Affiliate, you can give people many of the products you can find in the world’s biggest internet retailer. 

Here’s the best part: let alone holding any inventory or distributing resentment among customers, you would be left with all the profit without lifting a finger.


That is the question: how does it happen?

Join the Amazon Associates Program: It is free. And we’re doing our best to create an accessible platform for everyone.
Choose Products You Love: Focusing on using and recommending products you feel your audience needs encourages authenticity. Amazon provides access to thousands and thousands of items, consequently, everyone can find something that he likes.
Generate Your Unique Affiliate Link: This affiliate tie-in is a two-way street. Every referral made generates a commission for me.
Promote Your Links Strategically: Post your links on your landing pages, social media profiles, or even via an email marketing campaign. Furthermore, you should use video marketing and create short clips that explain and show the products that you endorse.

Example: For instance, if you’re a makeup brush fan who loves a particular brand, you can be a beauty vlogger. 

By making a video review about the features of the product and pinning your Amazon affiliate link to the description box or comments, you might surely increase sales. Whenever someone uses your link and buys that set of brushes, you are credited by Amazon!

Here’s the beauty (pun intended) of affiliate marketing: Massive following is not the only measure of success. Utilizing a small but engaged audience and affiliate sales, you can even secure a considerable amount of income.

A word of caution: It’s integral to take into account the morality and openness of your target audience. Only endorse products if you sincerely believe in them. Unnecessary returns of products after creating content (which according to the author is not right) should be avoided.

Let’s hop on the wagon of Amazon’s abundant product selection and earn profits from buyers’ everyday needs, shall we? An additional income can be achieved through the implementation of affiliate marketing. This method will help you to gain a flexible and lucrative side hustle.

The POD business model offers you the possibility to create customized designs and print them on different products – those can be T-shirts, mugs, or phone cases, to name a few – you order the product from a client only when a buyer places an order with us. This also eliminates the need for initial capital to acquire inventory or to deal with excess stocks.

Here’s the magic: you design a product, pay for the design, and receive ownership of the design once it is printed and fulfilled, making a profit on each sale!

Example: Envision you create the most amazing slogan about cat meme for a laugh event. You upload your design on a POD platform, say Printful or Redbubble, set your prices, and select the products future customers will print it on (e.g., t-shirts, mugs, etc.). 

If a shopper makes an order with your design, the product-on-demand platform takes on the role of printing, packaging, and shipping it directly to the customer. It is a “buy and hold” strategy. Period!

The beauty of POD? Made by you and marketed to anyone, anywhere in the world without the boundaries of geography. Your imagination could go around the world appearing on the backs of those who got it from different parts of the world, and to serve them is the purpose of POD.

But wait, there’s more! Uniqueness and eye-catching designs of designs are essentials for a business’s POD, which the target audience should appreciate. It is also advisable that you use Pinterest to not only check the trends but to also get inspiration for your designs.

Cooking or Baking YouTube Channel

Wake up, all the foodies and baking fans, it’s time to unleash your creativity! If you thrive on the process of making beautiful food and producing an exceptional performance, get in touch now. Moreover, if your cooking or baking YouTube channel becomes a hit, your culinary skills can be as well and you could have a sweet (or savory) by then!

Imagine this: You use your video to do the cooking nicely and you post the recipes together with the footage and earn money through several channels. 

Ad Revenue: Once your channel gets progressively bigger and begins to bring customers on board then you are eligible for putting ads on your videos. This implies you get a small amount of money sponsored by brands each time someone sees a video before or during your video.

Affiliate Marketing: Collaborate with food companies or kitchenware and make them part of your videos or show the products in your videos. You earn a percentage of the sale if a customer shops through your links.

Brand Deals: For the very first time, as your channel gets a big enough audience, brands might start to contact you for a collaboration. Such integration could involve the development of sponsored content, product branding in videos, as well as creativity of exclusive recipes.

Selling Digital Products: Build & market surprise recipe e-books, meal plans, or network cooking courses with your favorite food.

Example: Like, you’re a champion of baking with the talent to decorate over-the-top cakes. That is when everything changes and you open a Youtube channel dedicated to baking and with tune cakes as your special skill. 

Take money out of the video ad quota on every video you create. Find a partner in a baking ingredient business and promote their products in your videos using your affiliate link and earn the commission each time when someone buys something from your link.

The hypothetical situation is formed through collaboration with a cake decorating tools company about the sponsored video that demonstrates products provided by the brand and their impact on your baking. Design an e-cookbook highlighting your cherished cake recipes and decoration secrets and promote it to sell.

In Conclusion

And here you go, girls – an ultimate “hands-on” guide to 7 amazing side jobs, designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become your financial guru! 

Whether you are a trendy fashion addict with a passion for style, a talented designer with the ability to sketch, or a professional kitchen goddess, a suitable side job is waiting to uplift your personality.

Keep in mind, that the attraction of these side hustles lies in their ability to embrace flexibility. It can be personalized to align with your demanding schedule and advanced capabilities. An excellent start would be to experiment and get creative! Don’t be afraid to try new approaches.

Here is the moment for you to start making money from the things you love, to stop being financially dependent, and to prove that all the time you spent working on this was worth it.