Hey everyone, and welcome back to SK Educates! I’m Suman, and I’ve been blogging for 4 years now, turning my passion into a growing online business.

You might just be wondering, ‘Can I make enough money blogging in 2024?‘ or ‘Is there a future for the blogging industry that has been recently impacted by AI, and Google Updates?‘. The answer is a resounding YES!

Until and unless no users are searching for various keywords on search engines, blogging never fade away. Instead, it keeps on offering more opportunities letting you earn more than $10,000 per month.

Now, before you start picturing millions of visitors flooding your site, this post is all about strategic monetization. We’ll explore four powerful ways to turn your blog into a cash machine, regardless of your current audience size.

What are the 4 Major Types of Blog Monetization?

In this blog, we will explore the 4 key ways to monetize your blog so that, you can earn more than $10,000 every month.

Running Display Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Digital Products, and Sponsorships are the 4 monetization strategies we will explore individually below.

Before exploring different blog monetization options, you might need a guide to start a blog if you haven’t started yet. For that, you can visit our blog for detailed step-by-step guide: How to start a blog, and start making money?

Running Display Ads on Blogs

This is the most popular way of earning money from blogging. As your blog starts to get traffic, you can apply for various monetization networks such as Google AdSense, Ezoic, Monumetric, Mediavine, Raptive, and so on.

These ad platforms connect bloggers with advertisers, and most importantly, you don’t need a massive following to start profiting from display ads. These ads, typically in the form of banners or pop-ups, are placed strategically throughout your blog to generate revenue based on user interactions, such as clicks or impressions.


Let’s understand the requirements of popular ad networks:

  • Google AdSense: This product from Google is widely used as a beginner-friendly platform for monetization as it requires low traffic making it accessible to new, and emerging bloggers.
  • Ezoic: This platform is more advanced than Google AdSense, and generates more than 2X revenue compared to AdSense. It uses AI technology to leverage the maximum earning potential of your blog. Ezoic can also be considered a beginner-friendly monetization option because it lets new bloggers join, and grow on their platform.
  • Monumetric: This ad network typically requires a minimum of 10,000 monthly page views. With this requirement, it offers higher RPM and handles everything from ad placement to installation.
  • SHE Media: This ad network requires at least 20,000 page views per month from top-tier countries like the US. Your blog must hold original, and high-quality content. SHE Media offers various monetization options including direct brand buying, exclusive deals, and programmatic ad buying.
  • Mediavine: It is the most popular ad network that offers competitive RPM. To get approved, your blog must hold a minimum of 50,000 monthly sessions. However, Mediavine has recently started the Journey program allowing bloggers with 10,000 monthly sessions to get started with their platform.
  • Raptive: It is the most premium ad network that requires a minimum of 100,000 monthly page views. Raptive offers premium ad placements and guarantees higher earnings potential.

How much can we earn from these Ad Networks?


It is pretty difficult to exactly answer how much you can earn from ad networks because the earnings depend on various factors including traffic source, niche, RPM, Click-Through Rate (CTR), and so on.

Let’s take an example of a blog that covers the niche ‘Make Money Online‘. Also, let’s assume the blog has exceeded 100,000 monthly sessions, and the majority of traffic is obtained from the US. Likewise, the blog is also approved for a premium network like Mediavine.

For Make Money Online niches, Mediavine offers an RPM of more than $40 meaning the blog will make roughly $40 on every 1,000 visits. With this calculation, the blog will make more than $4,000 every month from 100,000 monthly visits.

As traffic grows, your blog can easily surpass the monthly target of earning more than $10,000 just from display ads. And if you combine other monetization strategies (which we will discuss below), you can earn more!

How to maximize earnings from ad networks?

  • Don’t ruin your blog with excessive ads! Instead, create a proper balance between monetization and user experience.
  • Focus on optimizing your RPM by placing ads where they’re most likely to be seen, and engaged with.
  • Focus on building a loyal audience in your niche to enhance CTR and overall ad revenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is all about earning commissions by promoting products or services relevant to your blog’s niche. It is one of the lucrative ways of generating extra revenue from your blog traffic.


When your audience purchases through your unique affiliate link, you get compensated with certain commissions. That’s why it is a powerful strategy for bloggers to generate passive income.

So, how to get started?

First of all, you need to find affiliate marketing programs based on your blog niche. You can research, and target high-performing keywords related to your niche.

For detailed guide, you can read our blog here: How to start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

There are lots of affiliate marketing programs available including CJ Affiliates, ShareASale, Impact, ClickBank, Flex Offers, Digistore24, and so on. Look for the highest commission-paying programs, and earn smart with affiliate marketing.

Here are steps to succeed in your Affiliate Marketing campaign:

Find High-Performing Keywords: Do research for keywords with better search volumes from people buying the products or services you publicize. Identifying the right keywords enables your audience to locate your content, increasing the chances of your visitors arriving by this route.

Join Reputable Affiliate Networks: Popular networks such as ShareASale, CJ Affiliates, and Awin even connect you to an abundance of brands that are willing to operate an affiliate program. Only select and shrewdly connect with the leading networks that are relevant to your niche and have products that are respectively in line with the content that you already supply.

Craft Compelling Content: However, affiliate links shouldn’t be carelessly thrown into your posts either. Provide tutorials and explain the product in clear step-by-step instructions so the user can understand it well. Additionally, use content to educate your readers about the product and emphasize the benefits of your product or service.

Selling Digital Products on Your Blog

Selling Digital Products via blog is a lucrative opportunity for generating income. Unlike qualifying or getting approved for premium ad networks with high traffic requirements, you can start selling digital products right away.

Selling small digital products can be a reliable source of income, especially during the initial stages of your blogging journey. Such products could be online courses, ebooks, checklists, templates, workbooks, or printables.

When it comes to generating a good idea, make sure that it corresponds with the theme of your blog and that your knowledge and expertise are the key. 


First, find a solution for the problem that your audience faces and then create a product that can be used or in a nutshell, an alternative for that problem. To make certain that proving the true value of the product, includes actionable steps or resources as useful user experience. Such directly focused content allows for greater recall and is more likely to drive sales.

Do not be afraid of the diversity of different formats that you can use to create your product such as ebooks, workbooks, checklists, printables, or templates. 

eBooks are effective for educating people regarding more advanced concepts of budget, whereas brief tools like checklists and sample templates are appropriate for detailing personal areas like the budget or meal plan. Workbooks, handouts, and printables can excite students by making them verbally learn and add vivid activities to written content.

Making a powerful conversion page is the principal motive of attracting visitors and making them clients. Very specifically, show the traits and features that make your product better than others and consider the readers’ lives with and without the product. 

To start with, introduce yourself briefly to show off your level of expertise in the field while using the testimonials to strengthen the credibility and trust your audience will have in you as they follow your words. An attractive design with high-quality photographs and proper formatting will improve the interaction with the desirable outcome.


Sponsorships represent another exciting way to monetize your blog. It refers to the collaborations that pay as established businesses pay you to promote their brand or product within your content.

It’s a strategic partnership where you leverage your audience’s trust and reach to benefit both your blog and the sponsoring company. Blog sponsorships could include various methods including sponsored blog posts, product reviews, banner placements, dedicated email newsletters, or any other customizations by the businesses.

You can also combine brand sponsorships with affiliate marketing for more earnings. For instance, you are posting a review about an investing app on your finance blog. You can seamlessly integrate your affiliate link, and secure a sponsorship from the app owners.

To attract sponsors, you need to build a strong blog focusing on a loyal audience, and high ranking in search results. As your blog gains authority within your niche, companies will take notice and approach you for collaboration opportunities.

You must be wondering about the pricing strategy for your sponsored posts. Well, there are several factors while considering the price of sponsored posts such as the niche, traffic acquisition, audience engagement, and the product.

Here’s a general pricing guideline (remember, adjust based on your specific metrics):

  • 10,000 – 50,000 Monthly Visitors: $100 – $500 per post
  • 50,000 – 100,000 Monthly Visitors: $500 – $1,000 per post
  • Over 100,000 Monthly Visitors: $1,000+ per post

Remember: Negotiation is key! Be confident in your blog’s value and ensure the sponsor’s product or service aligns with your brand and audience.

In Conclusion

So there you have it! We’ve explored 4 key monetization strategies to turn your blog filled with passion into a money-making machine. Display Ads, Digital Products, Affiliate Marketing, and Sponsorships are the 4 powerful ways we discussed, and remember, there’s no single ‘best’ method because the key lies in diversification.

In the beginning, we were targeting to earn $10,000 from blogging. You can combine these 4 strategies, and earn more than this target. Just focus on creating high-quality content that genuinely benefits your audience.

You don’t need millions of visitors to start earning. Leverage beginner-friendly ad networks and consider selling small digital products to get your income flowing early on.

Try different monetization techniques and see what resonates with your audience. Track your results and adjust your strategy based on what works best.