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Matt Par is one of the successful names when it comes to making millions of dollars online. This guy went straight from $300 to $3 Million!

Matt says he went from having $300 in his bank account as a high schooler to being a multi-millionaire just a few years later.

In this case study, I will explain how Matt started his online journey and created a business that earns him more than a 6-figure income every month.

So, let’s get started.

Story Behind Matt’s Success

During the initial days, Matt was feeling depressed thinking of his future. ‘What I was going to do with my life?’ was the main question tickling his mind.

He was in the state of giving up on everything but things went the other way. Instead, he made millions of dollars that led him to travel in first class, complete his bucket list, and fulfill every desire. At this moment in life, he is financially secure.

Matt runs different YouTube channels with millions of subscribers and enormous views. Besides, he runs an education company that has enrolled over 7,000 students.

With this short intro to his success, let’s dive into how his life started.

Matt’s Success Story

Matt was born in 2003 in a middle-class family in the midwestern United States. His family wasn’t poor, and his parents worked hard for the better future of his family members.

At a very young age, Matt was focused on working hard to earn money, and he made that connection in his brain. He was convinced that a decent lifestyle comes from a lot of work and trade time.

He was just spending his time with casual work but he realized things are not that easy, and the same always. So, he made up his mind to grow up and get a job as everybody does.

But on the other side, Matt was not attracted to the 9-5 job strategy to make money. He saw his parents working hard 9-5 to run the family and secure the future of family members.

Matt was not particularly interested in getting good grades in college and getting a good job. He was constantly looking for other options which could generate efficient revenue.

With the constant eagerness to earn money, Matt made an idea to buy products from a Dollar Store and sell them for a profit. So, he started selling Pop-Tarts at school during lunchtime and made $300 in a couple of months. This was the first money he made ever in his life which offered him great motivation to continue the business.

However, things didn’t go that easy because some of the teachers in his school banned selling such products. Matt was again down to zero left with not knowing what he was going to do again.

This is where Matt discovered YouTube! At this time, he with his siblings used YouTube to watch videos for entertainment purposes until he found out people were leveraging the YouTube platform to make money and make their dreams come true.

So, at the age of 12, Matt started his first YouTube channel and started uploading videos related to backyard pranks, stunts, and just regular stuff. He used to be delighted when his videos received 50 or 100 views. But then, he also realized YouTube couldn’t be his source of income, or the platform was for lucky ones only.

Later in 2014, Matt was in a condition where he completely hated school. He was fed up with taking a long bus ride to his school, and spending hours in lectures which he was not interested in. Due to this condition, he felt he was zoned out as he was not paying attention to anything, and his relationship with his friends also degraded. His parents, friends, and relatives weren’t happy with his behavior.

And he was depressed again!

Matt says his life completely changed when he found a YouTube channel called ‘Top Fives’. This channel was a faceless YouTube channel that published faceless videos covering different cool subjects, scary videos, and other interesting topics.

Matt found out the channel was publishing videos constantly, and getting millions of views. At this point, he didn’t know how someone could make money on YouTube. But, he found successful YouTubers making their dreams come true. A thought arose in his mind, if others can do it, why can’t I?

Using a crappy cracked iPhone, and the voice recorder, Matt started producing videos right after he explored the success gained by the channel ‘Top Fives’. He was just publishing videos taking ideas from successful channels however, the results weren’t pouring as he thought they would.

But one day, when he checked YouTube analytics, one of his videos surpassed 100,000 views. This became one of the greatest moments of his life, and probably the first of many successes. Matt shared his first success of 100,00 views with his friends on the school bus.

After getting first success, Matt started doubling his video production utilizing every bit of free time. He gave main priority to publishing YouTube videos and kept his school time on the back burner.


During his initial time, Matt experimented a lot to find out what works on YouTube. He researched various videos, thumbnail ideas, and strategies to increase engagement. At this time, he wasn’t earning a penny from YouTube.

While working on YouTube, he found that many successful channels making millions of dollars. And this is when he discovered the earnings were possible on YouTube through its Partner Program.

What is the YouTube Partner Program?
The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a program designed for creators to benefit from their YouTube channel. Creators can earn money through ads displayed before, during, and after their videos, or from YouTube Premium subscribers watching their content. YPP also allows fan funding options like Super Chat and channel memberships where viewers can directly support the creator financially.

Joining YPP requires meeting certain criteria such as having a minimum number of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours. Creators also need to comply with YouTube’s community guidelines.

Matt was consistently publishing videos on his channel, and in 2015, he made a whopping $3,000 a month. This was a life-changing earning at that age for him.

While earning this much money, Matt was feeling rich. His family, friends, and teachers were happy for him on one side but on the other, they were skeptical about how sustainable is this project.

Matt kept on working on his channel and made more money. By 2016, he earned more than his parents. The only thing concerning him was the time he was spending on YouTube. He didn’t have any time for his family, and friends. All his time was allocated to his YouTube career.

Matt thought of outsourcing his project and collecting some spare time for other tasks. For that, he posted a job for a voiceover project on Upwork.com and found a guy to replace his voiceover which became a game-changer.

Now, Matt started leveraging video production by coming up with video ideas and passing the ideas to a scriptwriter. The scriptwriter then provides the written script to the voiceover artist who then provides the voiceover to the video editor. The finished video then arrives to Matt who publishes on his YouTube channel. This is how his YouTube automation started.

Moreover, Matt also hired a thumbnail designer to make his task more quicker. Though he got huge free time by outsourcing, he didn’t waste his time on casual tasks. Instead, he created more channels in different niches.

With continuous work, Matt received his Silver Play Button in 2017. This achievement was huge for him, and he took it as it was everything for him.


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Matt bought his first dream car: a blue Ford Mustang!

In 2018, he graduated from high school, and at this time, he was earning over $30,000 per month from YouTube ad revenue combining earnings from all channels.

Seeing the success, everyone was asking Matt how they could earn money with YouTube. This eagerness opened a new opportunity for him to teach people how to succeed and earn with YouTube.

Selling courses online became the new money-making model for him. But, he was less confident to come to the front of the camera and share his experience.

This is where Matt started a YouTube channel with his personal branding, and named it ‘Make Money Matt‘. Today, this channel has surpassed 661K subscribers with millions of views.

At the initial stage, Matt published five videos that he says were embarrassing. Those videos just presented screen recordings of YouTube programs.

One day, Matt was driving around when he received a notification on his phone stating his course was sold for a hundred dollars. He instantly realized that only 5 videos which got barely any views generated a $100 revenue. What if the videos got 100,000 views per month, he would make thousands of dollars while assisting people in changing their lives.

In 2019, Matt conducted a webinar on a YouTube channel to sell his course and collected $10,000 in revenue in a single day. Then, he started delivering the course and created a private Facebook group. He focused on creating the best YouTube Course in the market. Moreover, he automated the webinar so that he don’t have to be live every time.

In 2020, Matt was making $2,000 per day selling his YouTube course while his faceless niche channels were making almost $10,000 a day. He kept on publishing high-quality content, and leveraged YouTube ads for his course promotion.



Matt remembers March 2020 in which he made $100,000 in a single month. By 2020, Matt was earning a million dollars from YouTube Ad Revenue, and another million dollars selling his YouTube course. He was already a millionaire by the age of 20.

Matt started traveling and exploring new things in 2021. He spent $18,000 to fulfill his dream of diving off the coast of California in a submarine.

He says he was again bored when he was back to work in 2022. Doing the same things day by day, and staring at a computer screen for more than 8 hours a day was hectic for him. So, he took a business class flight and flew to Europe for the first time.

Matt bought his dream home in 2022 however, he says he doesn’t live much in his dream home because he has started traveling and exploring new places.

By 2023, Matt has traveled to over 20 countries and runs 12+ YouTube channels. With millions of subscribers and views, he is making huge money from YouTube.

He has a private Facebook group with 7,000+ members who have benefitted from his courses. Some successful students have reported earning over $30,000 per month by implementing strategies taught by him.

Final Takeaway

So, this is the success story of one of the most ambitious YouTubers who transformed his life by staying consistent on YouTube video production and applying various strategies to make money.

What we can learn from Matt is whatever happens in our life, we need to focus on our ambition. Things don’t go as easy as we think, we need to pass through various hurdles, and obstacles to get success.

It is said that ‘You don’t have to be greater to start, but you have to start to be great.’ That’s why to get success you need to take a step!

Matt is just an example of how one can get success with continuous work however, your story might be different. Nevertheless, the idea is to keep on working, and thriving!