Low Value Content is one of the common issues website owners, or bloggers face when adding their site for Google AdSense monetization. 

Recently, I also applied for AdSense approval with my brand-new micro niche website however, the site got straightly rejected due to Low Value Content Issue.

Solve AdSense Low Value Content Error with 1 Simple Hack

I analyzed the content of my website, and made simple changes. After re-applying, my website got approved by Google AdSense within 7 days.

So, how did I do that? Let’s find out in this article.

What does Low-Value Content mean on Google AdSense?

Low-value content refers to content that lacks value in the eyes of both Google and its audience. Google consistently aims to deliver high-quality content that provides genuine value to its users. Therefore, the content on your website must be of high quality.

As per Google, Creating valuable and unique content is essential for establishing a robust and devoted user community. When users find your content enjoyable, they naturally share their positive experiences with others, contributing to the growth of your website.

Keeping this in mind, I researched some important keywords for my niche and published 20 valuable articles. 


With initial 130 articles, my website was disapproved by Google AdSense. But after adding 20 valuable articles, I received approval on the 2nd attempt.

How do you solve Low Value Content Problems?

First of all, analyze the niche of your website, and look for keywords that are untouched or rarely covered by other content creators, or bloggers.

The best place to find such golden keywords is the ‘People Also Ask’ section which you can find in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

For instance, if your niche is Adventure Travel, search this broad keyword in Google. Once you do that, you can find lots of questions in the ‘People Also Ask’ section. 

If you keep on clicking the questions, more queries appear below.

Based on your broad keyword, and categories, search at least 20 questions that are unique, and require individual content.

Here in this example, I have searched for Adventure Travel Tips in the Google search tab, and collected some important questions to be covered in our blog.

  • How do I prepare for an Adventure Trip?
  • What should I bring on an Adventure?
  • How would you plan an adventurous trip that you desire to take on?
  • What is the personality of an adventurous person?
  • How do you live a life of travel and adventure?
  • What kind of activities do adventurous people enjoy?
  • How can I be adventurous at home?
  • What is the most adventurous thing in the world?

Now, you need to write at least a 700-word article on each question collected from Google. Please note that the title of your article must be the question you collected.

Also, try to use 2 to 3 images on every post so that, it looks interesting, and valuable to your users.

Regarding AI content, you can use ChatGPT to write articles however, I suggest you use it for idea generation only. 

One thing you can do is tell ChatGPT to write full content, and after complete content is produced, you can paraphrase in your own language.

After successfully posting 15 to 20 unique question articles, you can re-apply for Google AdSense.

I also did the same thing, and got my website approved after 2nd attempt.

Final Thoughts on Solving AdSense Low-Value Content Error

In conclusion, addressing the issue of Low Value Content in Google AdSense requires a strategic approach to create valuable and unique content that appeals to both users and search engines. The key is to identify untapped or rarely-covered keywords in your niche and focus on providing in-depth answers to relevant questions.

To achieve this, thorough keyword research is essential, and the “People Also Ask” section in SERPs can be a valuable resource for discovering such keywords. By crafting at least 700-word articles based on these questions and incorporating 2 to 3 images to make the content visually appealing, website owners can significantly improve the quality and value of their content.

While AI-based content generation tools like ChatGPT can be useful for idea generation, it is crucial to ensure that the final content is unique and written in your own language to maintain authenticity and originality.

My success story after getting AdSense approval on the second attempt by following these steps, serves as a testament to the effectiveness of this approach. By implementing these strategies and consistently delivering high-quality content, website owners can enhance user experiences, foster a loyal community, and increase the chances of AdSense approval.

In conclusion, a focus on creating valuable and engaging content is not only crucial for AdSense approval but also essential for building a successful and thriving online presence.