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Hello everyone! I am Suman, an online entrepreneur, working in the digital industry for more than 5 years. At present, I run multiple websites for my online businesses, and Hostinger has been my hosting partner since the beginning of my digital journey.

In this detailed review, I am going to share my honest personal experiences of using Hostinger for hosting my websites. Previously, I have already published an in-depth review of Premium Shared Hosting Plan which you can read here.

Since, I have upgraded my plan to Cloud Hosting, and used it for a long period, I would like to share my experiences with you so that, you can make your decision as to whether to opt for Hostinger or not.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

What is Hostinger Cloud Hosting?

Hostinger offers various plans including Cloud Hosting, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and VPS Hosting.

Web HostingFor small to medium websites
Cloud HostingFor large scale projects
VPS HostingFor Dedicated Resources
WordPress HostingFor Managed WordPress Websites with built-in features, and AI Tools

Among these options, Cloud Hosting is one of the best hosting plans if your website requires better performance.

If you are just starting, you can go for Premium Plan which starts at $2.99 per month. The Business Plan is better than the premium, priced at $3.99 per month with a 71% discount.

However, if you have multiple websites, and the traffic is high, you can directly choose the Cloud plan which I am using right now for my 9 active websites.

Hostinger’s Cloud hosting offers three options: Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Enterprise.

Among these 3 Cloud hosting plans, I am currently using the Cloud Startup for my 9 websites. So, my review will be based on this configuration.

My review of Hostinger is based on six different categories including Affordability, User-Friendliness, Features, Uptime Performance, Website Speed, and Customer Service.

Affordability: Is Hostinger budget-friendly?

As per my research, and experience, I found Hostinger to be one of the cheapest web hosting service providers. This company offers competitive prices along with heavy discounts.

Regarding Cloud Startup hosting, you can purchase the plan for just $9.99 per month with which you will be saving 63%. When writing this review, you will be getting 3 months free if you purchase the hosting for 4 years.

Let’s take an example of how Hostinger pricing plans work.

While you visit Hostinger’s official website, you will find full details of the pricing. Here you can see, that if you purchase a Cloud startup plan for 1 month, you will be paying $24.99.

However, if you purchase the same hosting for 12 months, you will pay only $7.99 per month which will save you $180 in total. Also, you will get a free domain for the 1st year. Likewise, if you purchase for 24 months, you will save $360, and with 48 months, you will save a total of $720 (+3 months FREE).

Also, remember that Hostinger offers a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

This is how Hostinger’s pricing strategy works.

Now, here comes the real deal. If you purchase Hostinger’s plan using my referral link, you will get a 20% additional discount.

In this example, you can see while you purchase the Cloud Startup plan normally, you will be paying $119.88 for 12 months but with my referral link, you will pay $95.90 saving you $23.98.


Ease of Use: Is Hostinger user-friendly?

You may have heard, or have been familiar with cPanel on other hosting service providers. Hostinger is pretty different as it offers its website, and server management interface known as hPanel.

Hostinger developed hPanel as an in-house tool to make every customer’s online experience as easy and smooth as possible.

hPanel is user-friendly, and functions like cPanel but comes with various features that are unique, and useful.

Some key features provided on hPanel interface are:

  • WordPress features including Dashboard, Staging, and Plugins
  • Order management including Upgrades, Renew, and Order Usage
  • Account Details
  • Titan Email Control Panel
  • Domain management 
  • Website Migration
  • Digital Marketing and SEO Toolkit
  • Business Service
  • File Manager and Backups
  • MySQL Databases and phpMyAdmin
  • PHP Configuration and much more.

With these easy-to-use features, and the addition of various AI Tools including AI Website Builder, AI Content Writer, and AI WordPress Tools, your task becomes much easier than you think.

In addition to that, Hostinger offers opportunities for its customers to suggest a new feature. Based on the feasibility of the suggested feature, the company keeps on adding new features making it more user-friendly.


Now, it’s time to explore the features of the Hostinger Cloud Startup plan.

Features: Is it enough for your websites?

Hostinger Cloud Startup plan is power-packed with various features including Managed WordPress, AI Website Builder, Security, Service, Support, and more.

Let’s break it down below.

Top Features of Cloud Startup:

Websites Supported300
NVMe Storage200GB
CPU Cores2
Daily Backups$25.08 Value
SSLUnlimited Free
DomainFree ($9.99 Value)
IP AddressDedicated
Monthly Visits Supported~200 000
Databases, FTP Accounts & CronjobsUnlimited
Uptime Guarantee99.9%
Customer Support24/7
Data CentersGlobal
Money-Back Guarantee Period30 Days
DDoS ProtectionEnhanced
Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection$9.99

In addition to these features, you will get more such as AI Website Creation, Marketing Integrations, AI Copywriting Tool, AI Heatmaps, AI SEO Tools, eCommerce Features, Drag & Drop Website Builder, Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, Free Automatic Website Migration, WordPress AI Tools, and much more.

Features offered by Hostinger plans are much more than enough! The company keeps adding more features so, you don’t have to worry.

So, it’s again a 5-star rating for the features provided the Hostinger.

That takes us to the next review category which is Uptime Performance.

Uptime Performance: Is it 99.9% Guaranteed?

Do you know what is uptime? If not, it is the amount of time that a server has stayed online and running. This is crucial because your visitors might not access your website and you may lose sales, conversions, or visits.

You will get almost 99.9 percent uptime which is guaranteed by the company. In my experience, I haven’t received major uptime issues with Hostinger. However, I encountered a minor issue when 2 of my 9 websites went down due to server load issues.

I immediately reached out to the Hostinger support, and the problem was solved quickly after updating the server.

Keeping that aside, you can expect a good uptime performance with Hostinger.


Now, you must be curious on how is the speed, and overall performance of websites hosted on Hostinger. Let’s find it now.

Website Speed and Performance

Website speed and performance are the vital factors that determine the user-friendliness, and quality nature of a website. If your website loads slowly, the majority of users exit without thinking more.

Hostinger doesn’t compromise the website speed. Regarding Cloud Startup hosting, you will get good speed and performance. The speed of your website also depends on other factors like your website theme, file size, image quality, use of animations, and so on. If you can twitch some technical settings, you can boost the speed of your website with the Cloud Startup plan.

You can observe the PageSpeed Insight Report of one of my websites on Hostinger. The Desktop Performance Score is 99 which is great. Likewise, the Mobile Performance Score is 97 which is excellent. How did I achieve this amazing score?

Well, the Hostinger Cloudstartup plan is not enough to get these amazing scores. You must use a lightweight theme, activate various optimization settings, and sort out technical issues on your website.

In the case of WordPress sites, you can use various free and paid plugins to optimize your site for optimum speed.

For custom websites, you may require hiring professional programmers for overall optimization if you don’t have technical competency.


Now, it is time to learn about Hostinger Customer Service and Support.

Customer Service and Support: Is it Reliable?

haven’t had enough issues to contact Hostinger Customer Service however, I contacted the support service twice in my whole journey with Hostinger.

Firstly, I had to contact Customer service when I was using the Shared Hosting plan. I was running 4 websites during that time, and all of them went down.


I immediately contacted the support team via email, and the issue was solved in no time. I also thanked the technical team for the quick response.

My second experience contacting Hostinger Customer Service is with the Cloud Startup plan. Out of my 9 websites, some went down due to server-related issues.

I contacted Hostinger support via live chat which is pretty impressive as it features AI support. While I messaged with my issue, an AI bot came up with possible solutions. I asked the bot to let me connect with a customer service representative. It took some time but one of the representatives came live to solve my problem.

The representative checked my sites, and found out there was server related issues from their end. Once, the servers were updated, all of my websites kept running smoothly. And again, I thanked the technical team for the quick response.

Based on these experiences, I can pretty much confirm the support offered by Hostinger is great so, I want to rate it 4 STARS.

Final Takeaway

So, this is it! I have been continuously using Hostinger for over 3 years, and I am confident that this company offers amazing hosting at an affordable cost.

Here is the summary of my rating on Hostinger


I presented my honest review, and experiences with using Hostinger Cloud Startup plan based on the performance of my 9 websites. You might get mixed reviews from other users.

However, I would like to suggest testing this hosting plan because you have the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee. Buy the plan, use it for your sites, and analyze performance for 30 days.  If you feel satisfiedcontinue with the hosting plan otherwise request a refund.