Explore the essential elements of a good website

Designing a website is pretty easy today but you will struggle a lot to get organic traffic if your website is not good-looking.

Your website must offer real value to your viewers with high-quality content so that, users build a long-lasting connection with your service.

There are lots of things to consider while designing, and developing a website which you can’t leave untouched.

So, what are the key elements or requirements for a good-looking website?

To address this question, we have prepared the top 8 list of the essential elements of a good website.

Navigation is one of the most important aspects of your website because it is responsible for creating a comfortable environment for your users to navigate through the website. Menu bars, call-to-action buttons, sidebar, widgets, category tabs, footer, header, and many other elements of your website come under the navigation.

The menu on your website must contain relevant pages, categories, content, and posts so that, users don’t get confused with it. Most importantly, the menu bars must be easily visible and accessible. Likewise, other navigational elements must also be easily accessible and non-deceptive.

Some important things to consider for navigation are:

  • Make your navigational element visible
  • Make sure the elements are relevant to your website niche
  • Don’t use too much redirection through the navigation bars
  • Don’t mess up with the options in the navigation bar instead keep it simple

Visual Design

Visual design or the visual appearance of your website is the key to success because it generates the first impression of your blog, brand, or company to your potential viewers. Having a mediocre design will not only frustrate your audience but will also significantly decrease your online presence.

That’s why a good visual design is mandatory to achieve better conversions. But how do you do that?

If you are a web designer yourself, you can design your website as per your idea, and requirement however, you can seek the help of expert web designers or research online about it.

The main things you need to consider while designing your website are:

  • Place your visual elements properly. Don’t overdo it.
  • Use attractive and appealing graphics
  • Craft your web design according to your blog niche, or your brand


Content is a king for a successful website and without it, the meaning of developing the website is lost. Any type of irrelevant content doesn’t yield a positive result to your website so, you need to focus on creating content that may be text, image, video, articles, etc., and relevant to your niche.

Viewers today want real value and as a website owner, it is your responsibility to fulfill their desire. Your website gets success only if you try to inject authentic information into your readers.

Some key points in developing a good content are:

  • Always produce high-quality content related to your niche
  • Well-researched and fact-based content attracts more viewers
  • Try to create engaging content with questionnaires, quizzes, feedback, and so on
  • Consistency is the key to successful content production

Website speed

Website speed is the major ranking factor in the competitive online market today. If your website is slow and your users are required to wait a few more seconds then, you are on the verge of losing engagement. Your website and its content must load quickly to attract more viewers and increase the conversion rate.

Increasing website speed is tougher in comparison to other tasks we discussed in this article. This is because it requires some technical knowledge and expertise.

The following are the main things you need to focus on for enhanced website speed:

  • Your website design structure and coding must be minimal in size
  • Speed optimized website hosting must be used
  • Image, video, animation, and other graphic-related elements must be optimized


Have you heard about mobile-first websites?

The majority of people across the globe use mobile phones to surf the internet today and if you miss them, you lose humongous traffic opportunities. That’s why you must develop a responsive and mobile-first website to attract more viewers.

What is a responsive, mobile-first, or mobile-friendly website?

A website becomes responsive and mobile-friendly if the elements and content are displayed in a good manner across all available digital devices including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, etc.

The following things need to be considered for the responsiveness of your website:

  • Design, structure, and coding must be done to adapt to the varying screen resolution
  • In case of using themes, responsiveness must be checked
  • After designing, test your website on different devices


Branding is the face of your website and it reflects your vision, focus, and objective. A successful website is presented well with the branding of your product, service, or business.

Branding creates a good impression on your viewers and helps in maintaining healthy relations, trust, and reliability. Before designing a website, you need to first create your brand logo, brand value, and also brand awareness.

After finalizing your brand creation, you can design your website to resemble your brand impression and impress your potential viewers.

User Experience

Most successful website owners suggest optimizing your website focusing on user experience. Users, viewers, customers, or audiences are the gem for your business and without them, your website is almost useless. Providing quality experience to them will be the most valuable strategy to be taken for the successful journey of your website.

There are lots of things to be considered for improving user experience of your website and some of them are as follows:

  • Website design and appearance must be appealing
  • The language used must be understandable
  • Website navigation must be easily accessible
  • Page Speed must be optimized
  • Website content must be relevant and also provide authentic information

Social Media Integration

Integration of various social media pages in your website related to your blog, brand, or business is another important strategy for creating a brand impression, and reliability with your customers. Having a good-standing social media profile integrated into the website creates brand value and also depicts your presence on famous platforms.

With that, users will be able to know more about your business and keep long-lasting relationships.


If you are already an expert or just a beginner, you need to focus on the topics we discussed above (8 essential elements of a good website) to make your website successful.

There are various other elements to be taken care of however, these are the inevitable areas that you can optimize for better online performance.