Online Business is the strategy you should target, especially if your goal is to reach your first $100,000 bank balance through AI, and internet technology. Every day, common people are living the lives they dreamed of, becoming millionaires.

Only the privileged few who catch their break will join the 1% enjoying life filled with luxury, while the rest of us would remain in the 99% working and living from paycheck to paycheck.

This blog is just for those who aspire more and want financial freedom. It gives a well-detailed road map to ensure that your business thrives right from the start.

Business #1 Selling Products on Amazon

Amazon not only has but also is among the largest customer bases in the world. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have made it much easier for small-scale businesses to establish themselves and meet the challenges of the competition. Thus they manage to position themselves in front of millions of potential buyers who are already browsing for products.

Many online shoppers rely on Amazon to fulfill their buying needs now. Being Amazon’s product is a guarantee for an advantage over competitors, which is often characterized by emphasizing uniqueness. To begin with, I suggest that inexperienced people make digital products first instead of physical ones utilizing the Book Bolt platform to generate no-content books. 


Amazon KDP makes it easier to upload the created books, but it can be difficult to compete in the artwork market that is itself hopeful.

Business #2 Content Creation

Content Creation is perhaps one of the simplest methods to earn thousands of dollars every month. This is a perfect online business because it is accessible to virtually anyone.

The main idea is that to deliver the quality that keeps the readers coming back, you should be producing the content that they find useful and interesting. This content can vary in formats such as informative articles, humorous videos, or interesting social media posts.


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Once you have a loyal audience, you have several ways to turn your content into revenue:

  • Advertising: Partner with brands to place custom-designed ads within your content. You can apply to various display ads monetization platforms like Google AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, Raptive Ads, and so on.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Promote other companies’ products and get paid commission on all sales via your unique link.
  • Selling Products or Services: You can do that by using your content platform to display as well as selling your own digital products, courses, or services.
  • Sponsorships: Partner with other brands to create sponsored content that will market and advertise their products and services to your readers.
  • Premium Content: Provide useful content such as in-depth guides and tutorials as premium content only for subscribers.

Business #3 Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Picture this scenario: as you browse through Pinterest, saving exquisite home decor inspirations or trendy fashion discoveries, consider this possibility – what if each clicks on those pins could earn you money?

Indeed, by utilizing the Affiliate Marketing Strategy on Pinterest, you have the opportunity to monetize your pins. Tailored to your specific niche, you can craft visually captivating and enticing pins that direct traffic to your affiliate links, ultimately resulting in commissions.

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Here are the steps to initiate your Pinterest Affiliate Marketing journey:

  • Choose your specific topic or niche.
  • Depending on your niche, you can find various affiliate marketing products to promote on Pinterest. 
  • After you choose your niche, and products to promote, create an optimized profile on the Pinterest platform.
  • You must create and curate beautiful, and engaging pins using high-resolution images, or videos. Use easy-to-read text and visual elements.
  • After completing the above steps, it’s time to publish pins on your Pinterest profile! While publishing pins, use your destination link (affiliate landing page, or your blog post).

Business #4 Branded Shopify Dropshipping

Branded Shopify dropshipping seamlessly provides both dropshipping functionality and the capacity to build a brand name, offering an interesting new perspective for the 2024 dropshipping business. Here’s a breakdown:

Shopify is an e-commerce platform where entrepreneurs can create online stores to sell products that are made by brands. Customers purchase products from your Shopify site, and the supplier handles shipping.

Branded Shopify dropshipping also has more specific aspects to take into account. You build up a distinctive brand – including the brand’s name, symbol, and even stylistic fashion. Then you select suppliers based on the products that are normally characteristic of your brand and opt to do the dropshipping.

A strong brand allows you to differentiate yourself and build customer loyalty. Customers connect with your brand story and values, not just the individual products.

With a branded store, you have more control over pricing. You can potentially charge a premium compared to generic dropshipping stores, leading to higher profit margins.

Business #5 Buying Rental Properties

Buying Rental Properties is the most lucrative business model however, it might be challenging for beginners due to the significant upfront investment required.

You can leverage bank loans to assist you in entering the real estate business but only if you can afford to repay the loan.

Though real estate offers an opportunity for passive income and property appreciation, it’s good to begin with other businesses as a way of building capital before venturing into real estate. 

Hence, the opportunities for those who acquire the rental properties are substantial, although acquiring the significant capital is less accessible for novices.

Once you acquire rental property, it can generate consistent revenue through monthly rent payments. It also offers the potential for long-term capital gains as property value tends to increase over time.

High Upfront costs, management responsibilities, and market dependence are the limitations of rental properties however, you can handle them in many ways.

In Conclusion

The excitement of creating your own business is beyond question. It is now you who is the ship’s captain steering you to the goal of success. However, the great variety of choices makes the selection of the right venture a very difficult task. The top five lucrative business ideas to simplify starting a business in 2024 are described as follows.

Although the opportunity for profit is alluring, but do not forget that profit is not just about numbers, it can also mean other things. It has to do with feeling happy for what you have accomplished by yourself and being able to be led by your passion.

Take it from me. I had a dream of being a writer and then traditional publishing became a hurdle. This means I jumped into content creation and for me, it changed my level of satisfaction because it’s exciting to write about topics you love and connect with your audience as well. The money is an added advantage, but the main benefit is the independence and happiness the new career brings.