To run ads with Ezoic, your domain must be approved by both Ezoic, and Google Ad Manager. In the previous article, we explored tips to get quick Ezoic approval. Today, we will learn how to get Google Ad Manager approval easily.

Do I need Google Ad Manager for Ezoic?

Google Ad Manager requires your Ad Manager account to be approved before getting your domain approval for running ads with Ezoic. So, you need to first ensure you don’t have a duplicate account or have violated any Google policies before.

If you’re good to go with Google Ad Manager, you can apply for it, and follow the 6 key steps listed below to get domain approval.

Step 1: Original, and Quality Content

Quality Content (Do I need Google Ad Manager for Ezoic?)

First things first, original, quality, and helpful content are always important!

Google always recommends high-quality, engaging, and original content on a site. That’s why I recommend you choose a micro-niche website and write articles with a word length of over 600. Your content must not be thin or scraped.

Make sure you are using images, graphical illustrations, facts, figures, or videos to create interactive, and informative blogs.

Step 2: Create Relevant Categories

Categories (Do I need Google Ad Manager for Ezoic?)

The second important step is to create 3 to 4 categories within your blog. For instance, if your blog is about Electric vehicles, your categories might be EV Brands, EV News, EV FAQs, EV Prices, and so on.

Step 3: Post 6-10 Articles in each Category.

Posting articles on created categories is important. You need to post at least 6 to 10 articles per category. Google Ad Manager looks for a site with enriched content.

Remember, the published posts must be relevant to the category. Also, the same posts mustn’t be repeated in other categories. Each category must be unique featuring unique articles.

Step 4: Create a useful Menu.

The 4th step is to create a menu that contains links to all important pages within your website. Create a top menu, and include pages like Home, Categories, About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy.

You need to ensure the menu is easy to access!

Step 5: Easy Site Navigation

The last and most important step is the navigation feature of your website. You must ensure your site is easy to navigate. Google always checks to ensure your visitors can access your content easily.

Here are the tips to make your site navigation perfect.

  • Make sure your categories are clearly defined.
  • Make sure posts are published relevant to the category.
  • Make sure no articles are repeated under multiple categories of the menu.
  • Privacy Policy, About Us, and Contact Us pages must be easily accessible.
  • Your visitors must be able to find menus, categories, and content without any difficulty.

Step 6: Ensure your website is live at all times.

Google Ad Manager usually rejects or disapproves your domain if it is not live. To avoid it, you need to ensure your site is live during the review conducted by the Ad Manager.

You can use trustable, and reliable hosting providers like Hostinger to get maximum uptime. All my websites are hosted on Hostinger and I didn’t get Ad Manager disapproval due to downtime issues.

Watch our Video Tutorial on getting Google Ad Manager Approval!

Conclusion on ‘Do I need Google Ad Manager for Ezoic?’

These are all the 6 steps you need to verify with your site so that you can get Google Ad Manager approval with ease. 

First of all, get your Google Ad Manager account approved, and then get ready for domain approval. Once your website is approved by both Ezoic, and Google Ad Manager, your site will start running ads from Ezoic. With optimizations taking time, you will start earning more with Ezoic.

If you have any questions, please do comment below, or contact us directly.