Are you an expert in academic subjects, a tech expert who can troubleshoot any problem, or a mathematician who can solve complex equations? If so, you can get paid, and earn up to $7,000 per month by answering questions related to your expertise.

Well, there are many free websites on the internet waiting for your expertise to shine! Forget endless surveys and tedious tasks. From general knowledge to academic subjects and even tech support, there’s a website waiting to tap into your brainpower and reward you for it.

In this informative blog, I will share the top 9 legit and free websites that offer an opportunity to turn your knowledge into currency. So, let’s get started.

Website #1

The first free website on our list is This website is like a digital doctor’s office but for pretty much everything.

Users on this website are searching answers for to various burning questions related to topics including health, veterinary, mechanics, plumbing, electricity, computer tech, accountancy, and more.

Whether you have a passion for pet health, expertise in car repairs, or knowledge of explaining complex legal topics, JustAnswer can be your perfect platform.

You’ll connect with users 24/7, answer their questions through chat, text, or even phone calls, and get paid for your expertise.

JustAnswer has a rigorous vetting process to ensure users get top-notch answers. So, if you have the qualifications and the passion to share your knowledge, this could be a great way to earn while making a real difference!


JustAnswer uses a tiered system. As a new expert, you’ll start by earning a share (around 20%) of the question fee paid by the user. This fee can range anywhere from $5 to $90 depending on the complexity of the question.
However, with consistently high ratings and positive feedback, you can climb the ladder and earn up to 50% of the question fee. There’s also the option to offer phone consultations for potentially higher earnings.

Website #2

The next free website on our list is! As the name suggests, the website emphasizes asking, and answering questions related to fixing, pretty much anything.

From malfunctioning appliances to tech issues, Fixya is a platform to shine, and earn revenue as a repair expert. In this site, you’ll share your knowledge by answering user questions in a forum-style setting.

For instance, if you are a car mechanic who can diagnose vehicle issues, you can answer various queries posted by users. Likewise, if you are a tech enthusiast who can solve problems related to laptops, your expertise is valuable on Fixya.

Earning on Fixya is based on a points system. You’ll earn points for answering questions, providing helpful solutions, and even getting upvotes from grateful users. These points can then be redeemed for rewards like gift cards or even cash.


Fixya’s earning potential leans towards the modest side, typically ranging from $3 to $5 per answer (based on point conversions). However, there’s a big perk here: Fixya has a lower barrier to entry compared to other platforms. You won’t need extensive qualifications to get started, just a strong understanding of the subject matter and a willingness to help.

Website #3 happens to work a little bit differently from the previous websites that we have discussed. It’s not designed with a simple Q&A format for the general public. 

Unlike, LivePerson is a business-centered solution that provides an opportunity for a company to interact with customers through the chat functionality.

Alright, this is where all your experience in live chat customer service shall shine. Companies that employ chatbot operators include LivePerson and recruit people like you to respond to customers’ questions, troubleshoot problems in real-time, and help through periodical chat windows.

However, LivePerson is not an open platform where anyone can join, its role is to bridge the gap between companies with the need to provide professional live chat support to people who have the skills to provide it.


Unlike the previous platforms with point systems or question fees, LivePerson functions more like a traditional job. This means you’ll likely earn an hourly wage or salary depending on the agreement with the company you work for.

Website #4

This free website offers an opportunity for all subject matter experts who hold a passion for teaching. is an online classroom where tutors can share their knowledge, and guide students towards academic success.

Students seeking help with various subjects use Tutorbin to connect with subject experts to find solutions. So, you’ll connect with students from around the world, answer their questions, and provide tutoring sessions in a one-on-one format.

Assignment Assistance, Live Sessions, Project Report Writing, Speech Writing, Essay Writing, Presentation, Online Tutoring, and Video Solutions are the major activities executed on Tutorbin.

Notice Title

Unlike Fixya’s point system or LivePerson’s variable company rates, TutorBin offers a more straightforward earning structure based on per-session fees. You’ll earn a set fee for each tutoring session you complete on the platform. TutorBin estimates this range to be between $1.20 to $4.20 per session.
The earnings may differ based on two key factors: subject difficulty, and the quality of solution you provide.

Website #5 steps differently as opposed to the tutoring websites we have reviewed so far. This here is not about live tutorial sessions. SchoolSolver acts like a platform where students post assignments and queries, and tutors bid prices to respond to them.

This web-based approach can be used by people across all levels from basic algebra, physics, or history to more sophisticated concepts of business studies and finance.

Therefore, if you can simplify complex explanations while remaining succinctly brief, SchoolSolver is the perfect platform for you.


Schoolsolver offers a unique earning structure that is based on a bidding system. You, the tutor, set your own price for answering a question or completing an assignment. This gives you control over your potential earnings. Top earners on SchoolSolver are earning thousands of dollars.

Website #6

Unlike the per-question or session-based models we have observed so far, Yup is getting its students up to speed by providing study plans and self-paced labs. On this platform which is strictly about math tutoring, the students can access competent mentors any time of the day.

Here, you will apply and put your math expertise to use through a mobile platform, thereby helping students. It can be algebra or calculus that you are a champion at. Yup makes it possible to direct students through problems, explain concepts, and make them get to “aha moments’.

Yup highlights the value of its expert teaching community and the difference it makes to the students. It allows these teachers to not only teach but also to watch their students as if they were discovering something for the first time.

EARNING POTENTIAL emphasizes on subscription-based earning structure. This means you as a teacher will earn a set amount per month based on the tutoring plan you choose.
As per Glassdoor, the average pay for a Yup math tutor is $22 per hour, with an estimated range of $16-$31 per hour.

Website #7 is a platform for students who need academic help from anywhere. It is much more than just a question and answer session; Chegg is a platform with a variety of resources and this makes it an accessible tool for students to share their knowledge and make money at the same time.

This service subscription is uniquely designed for students to take advantage of a vast library consisting of detailed textbook solutions, study guides, and practice equations.

You stand a chance to be one of the Chegg experts, solving problems and contributing top-quality solutions which will be approved for the Chegg solution library thus you can earn per accepted solution.

On this platform, students can post questions almost from any field, and specialists like you can provide the answers.


Chegg pays experts a fixed amount per solution that gets accepted into their library. The fixed payment per solution could potentially vary depending on the subject, difficulty level, and overall demand for solutions in that particular area. Tutors can earn over $1,000 per month.

Website #8 is a site that links students who face difficulties with homework to experts like you who can act as mentors to access a solution.

It is a platform designed for students who get stuck on their homework assignments and turn to experts like you who will help them on the way to solutions. 

If you have a good knowledge of basic mathematics and science, surely, this platform can be of great help to you. Students take a picture or type a question, and connect with you to ask questions.

You’ll engage with students through a chat interface, and as you do so, clarify answers and comprehend solutions bit by bit so that they understand the concepts, not only get the solution.


PhotoStudy experts can make $2 – $10 per hour, based on their problem-solving tasks quantity. You have no limit on how much you can earn for the pay period. The amount you earn is determined by the number of explanations you answer, and the more questions you solve will eventually result in more dollars you earn.

Website #9

Unlike the others we have so far explored works differently. It is a B2B service that links companies to a network of specialists among which you are one. You’re going to use your expertise and experience to represent a range of brands in terms of providing customer support via backstage counters.

By partnering with Directly, companies recruit individuals like you with specific knowledge in different fields. As an expert on Directly, you’ll interact with customers through various channels including chat, email, or phone depending on the company’s requirements.

Then, you will resolve their issues, answer questions, and provide effective customer service. You will be compensated for your task depending on the direct agreements with the company.


Since is a business-to-business (B2B) service, specific earning details are typically negotiated between the company and the expert.

In Conclusion

The digital era provides for a wide range of earning opportunities, and answering online questions is proving to be one of the most profitable ventures.

Among 9 sites, individuals have the opportunity to earn finances as they contribute by giving quality influence and assistance to people who are in need. From JustAnswer to Fixya, Liveperson to Chegg many platforms cover many diverse topics and fit specialized professions.

Before ending this blog, I highly recommend you check these websites, explore their offerings to have some extra cash, and apply what you have learned.

So why wait? Start making money by turning your knowledge into cash by signing up today.