Graphic Designing is a popular career these days and is demanding all over the world. The trend of digitalization has produced opportunities for graphics designers so, there is good scope in graphic designing fields.

The advancement in technology and the digital industry is generating more technology-based businesses. Without the use of digital technology, businesses today tend to fall back and can’t compete with their competitors. So, digital technology is quite mandatory for everyone today.

Graphics designing is one of the important factors for excelling in your business or your digital career. There are lots of opportunities inside graphics designing fields and you can build your expertise in any of them.

In this article, we will explore some major fields of a graphic designing career that you can choose to build your career as a graphic designer.

Web Designer

A web designer is one who is responsible for designing the layout, structure, and overall appearance of a website. The main goal of a web designer is to beautify the website with graphic design skills like logo design, color selection, icon design, videos, pictures, infographics, animation, and much more.

Web Designing is one of the most important job prospects for a graphic designer and is demanding across the globe. Almost every business or graphics-related companies hire web designers to optimize their presence in the digital world. So, you can get a job easily if you build good skills in graphic designing and web designing.

There are two different terms which are known as a web designer and web developer. These terms differ from each other so, you must not confuse your career. A web designer focuses on creating the design and layout of a website whereas a web developer focuses on programming and coding to build the structure of the website.

While choosing the career, realize your potential and choose the field accordingly.

Logo Designer

A logo is the main aspect of the brand representation and value of a company. Without a proper logo, a company does not look professional and can’t create a brand impression in the market. So, the logo is always important to depict brand awareness. With that, the demand for logo designers is increasing and you can build your career in it.

If you have good graphics skills, you can easily design logos for companies, brands, people, or anyone wanting to show their presence in the market. The main quality you need to have for logo designing is creativity.

The logo is the first impression of a company so, it must be meaningful and show the brand value. Logo Designer is responsible for using relevant colors, designs, arts, shapes, and illustrations to properly define the goal, vision, and importance of the company.

You don’t need to be technically perfect for becoming a logo designer however, creative skill is must.

Creative Director/Creative Designer

Creative Directors are those people focusing on planning and designing the layout, visuals, designs especially for product advertising, and digital publications. They particularly work for the company’s product and branding so, a graphic designer can work as a creative director.

There are creative designers who produce graphics, illustrations, infographics, art, designs, and visuals to enhance the digital presence of a company. The creative director acts as a supervisor and monitors the work done by the creative designers.

Once you become an expert in creative designing, you can be promoted to the creative director position. So, having good knowledge and skills in the graphic designing sector allows you to work as a creative designer and a creative director.

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia is one of the important factors for the digital market because it presents content in a more informative and interactive manner. Multimedia Designers are also known as graphic design specialists who work with graphics and animation to produce good multimedia content for advertising, movies, TV programs, and websites.

The major areas to work for a multimedia designer are online advertising, website designing, video game production, video animations, and television advertising. So, the demand for multimedia designers is increasing these days.

Multimedia designing is somewhat tough than graphic designing because it requires some hard work and skills for animation. Animation requires more technical skills where graphics must be used to make it visually appealing. So, graphic designers are important for a multimedia generation.

Photo Editor

Photo Editing is another important area where you can work if you have good graphic designing skills. The field of photography is growing rapidly as people, brands, and companies are focusing more on optimizing photos.

Photo editing requires knowledge and skills on photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Besides, it also requires some creativity to present photos in a meaningful and beautiful manner.

Photo Editors effectively use lighting techniques, colors, illustrations, arts, and other ideas to generate visually attractive and meaningful graphics. They need to play with various colors, saturations, color curves, vibrance, hues, lightings, and other technicalities to produce beautiful photos for advertising.

Video Editor

Video Editing is a famous career choice among technology enthusiasts. It is all about producing a beautiful video using footage, sound, and graphics which in turn tell a story or creates awareness. Video editors work with video editing software to edit footage, dialogue, sounds, special effects, and graphics.

As a graphic designer, you can work in the video editing field because it requires graphics for producing quality videos. Without appealing graphics, the edited video does not look impressive and attractive to the viewers. So, graphic is a must for quality video creation.

VFX Creator

VFX is all about creating special effects and animations to produce a manipulated video with the use of VFX technology. It requires the creation of digitally-generated imagery, and photoreal graphics with the use of various VFX software. Graphic designers can work as VFX creators by producing imagery and graphics.

VFX artists try to produce realistic visual effects with the use of graphics, animations, sprites, particles, and much more. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is the most common term when it comes to VFX. So, graphic designers have good scope in the VFX industry especially for producing VFX-related movies and advertisements.


The scope of graphic designing is impressive and you can build your career in different graphic designing fields that we discussed above.

Always focus on furnishing your skills in one field and then begin applying your skills in other related fields so that, you can expand your expertise, and grow your career.