Graphics Design is a vast field and is inevitable for everyone may it be an individual, brand, celebrity, or business. The scope and career opportunities for graphic designers are increasing day by day. Are you searching for types of jobs in graphic design?

Graphic designing is the area that focuses on the creation and production of visually appealing images, graphs, videos, animations, special effects, and other forms of digital content that are required for advertisement or publishing purposes.

Knowing graphic designing lets you work in different categories of graphics-related works and projects. There are numerous job posts for graphic designers across the globe.

That’s why we will be finding out some top graphic designing jobs that are demanding in today’s time.

So, let’s get started…

Types of Jobs in Graphic Design

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are those professionals whose responsibility is to create visually stunning and appealing graphics to create a good brand impression and attract visitors. Such designers are also called visual communicators who create interactive graphics by using computer software and tools.

The graphic designers make creative use of fonts, colors, arts, and shapes, to create attractive images, drawings, animation, logos, brand presentations, and billboards. Graphic designers are also known as visual communicators and creative-thinking problem solvers.

A graphic designer can work as a creative director, art production manager, package designer, visual image developer, visual journalist, logo designer, interface designer, multimedia, and content developer.

Difference between a Visual Designer and Graphic Designer

InfographicInfographic by Toptal

VFX Artist

VFX artists specialize in producing special effects with the use of various computer software. Such artists focus on creating photoreal and digitally-generated imagery that are useful for films, and advertisement’s purpose.

VFX artists use technically advanced software, tools, and technology to create computer-generated creatures, crowds, and various other special effects. The main challenge for VFX artists is that they must be able to produce imaginative effects like a big wave, superheroes, a rainstorm, a fairytale castle, a dragon, or similar other characters and also make sure they look real to the viewers.

Some important posts for the VFX industry are compositing artist, VFX artist, VFX supervisor, FX animator, multimedia artist, and FX technical director.

Web Designer

Web designers are those professionals specializing in designing the layout and overall appearance of a website. They play with colors, art, graphics, illustrations, shapes, and other graphical presentations to make websites better with an enhanced user experience.

The main goal of web designers is to use relevant colors, images, and graphics to create a good brand impression and attract more visitors to the website. Creative graphic design comes into effect when creating visually appealing and stunning websites.

Web designers must have two important qualities within them which are creative thinking and technical skills. Without creativity skills, graphic designers can’t create appealing graphics that lure visitors.

Videographer/Video Editor

Graphic Designers can work as a videographer and video editors because videos today require graphics content to look more attractive and engaging to the viewers. The majority of advertisements, and video productions today use visually stunning and appealing graphics to enhance user experience and interactivity.

Video Editors use special effects, colors, graphics, shapes, images, decorated text to make videos more interactive and understandable to the viewers.

The main task of a video editor is post-production where they work closely with the director and video creators to produce the best output for the final film or video product. Editors require creative and technical skills to produce beautiful video products.

Character Designer

Character Design is one of the specialized fields in the graphic design industry. It is all about creating characters with posture, costume, pose, facial expression, and gesture to produce an expressive illustration.

A good character designer is responsible for creating details in human expression with an understanding of the character. The designers work with script and storyline to create characters with relevant personalities and characteristics.

The major roles of a character designer are coordinating with scriptwriters, developers, and designers, understanding the character’s role, creating a model sheet for characters, analyzing expression requirements, revising artwork, and creating characters that will animate according to the proposed script.

Storyboard and Concept Artist

A storyboard is all about producing a visual representation of scripts, concepts, ideas, or narratives. Storyboard artists translate the script and concept into meaningful pictures so that, directors and the video production team can plan the shots.

So, graphic designers can work as storyboard and concept artists to create graphics relevant to the story, concept, and narratives. Storyboard artists also generate background details to meet the requirements of video production.

A storyboard and concept artist must be competent in drawing skills, artwork, storytelling, animation, composition, sequential drawing, and editing. Artists work in coordination with the director, scriptwriter, videographer, art designer, and senior storyboard artist to make their projects successful.

Photographer/Photo Editor

Graphic design is an important element for photographers and photo editors. Photos today require lots of graphical edits and illustrations to make them engaging and beautiful. Editors use various computer software and tools to make their photos visually stunning and appealing.

A photo looks attractive with color grading, lighting, effects, art, and infographics so, graphic designers can work as a photographer and photo editor to produce the best photos.

Photographers and photo editors require creativity as well as technical skills to succeed. They must be able to use their knowledge and expertise to click and edit photos professionally. Besides, the editors need to work closely with photographers to produce the best result.


There are lots of other specialized fields of graphic design however, the areas we discussed above are popular and demanding across the globe. You have a higher chance of getting jobs if you master any of these awesome graphics designing-related works.

While trying to learn graphics design do not try to overdo it instead focus on enhancing your skill on one topic and become an expert in it. After that, you get a basic idea of graphic designing and can implement your skills in other areas.

For instance, you can begin with photo editing and gradually step into the animation and VFX industry. Before getting into any of these choices, you need to analyze your potential and also your field of interest. You must make a smart choice so that, you won’t get bored with it.